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3 Ways To Simplify Your Life During The Holidays

Don’t let the hectic holiday season get the best of you this year.

Is there any type of “busy” quite like holiday busy? When there’s so much more to get done – and on a deadline -- you probably feel like the only way to check off everything on your list is to let other responsibilities go. There’s no need to cut corners or miss out on the fun. Take a look at what you need to accomplish now, and figure out the best way to get it all done.  

Here are three tips for freeing up time, taking tasks off your plate, and having a very happy holiday. 

1. Outsource 
When your list gets long and you start to feel a bit overwhelmed, take a step back and take a deep breath. Look closely at all those to-dos and ask yourself – what do I need to handle myself, and what can someone else tackle for me? Start with the time-consuming things that are usually part of your daily or weekly routine. Arrange for temporary help with cleaning, dog walking, and even doing outdoor maintenance like shoveling. Consider taking your clothing to the dry cleaners or laundromat to have a professional clean them and return them folded and ready to wear.  

When it comes to those holiday-specific items, there’s a lot you can get help with as well. If you are the kind of person who has been gathering gifts in a closet for months, but now it’s time to get them to their intended recipients, find a local shipping store that will box and send everything for a fee. You can even find someone to hang those outdoor lights (and come back to take them down in January). Think of it as giving yourself the gift of time this holiday season.  

2. Buy gifts online 
You’ve likely shifted much of your household shopping online. So why not take that practice to another level for sourcing the perfect presents for your loved ones as well? Many major brands have their own websites. It’s easy to shop around if you know exactly which toy your grandkids are clamoring for this year, or have an idea for the ideal kitchen gadget to fill your significant other’s stocking. This is a great opportunity to think outside the box, too. Look for smaller companies that can create personalized, meaningful gifts no one would expect (but everyone will appreciate).  

As an added bonus, you can have everything wrapped and shipped directly to the recipients. That way you can do your holiday shopping on your own schedule and never leave the house. No judgment if that shopping is done wearing cozy pjs and sipping hot cocoa to help get you in the holiday spirit. 

3. Try a meal kit service 
Eliminate grocery store runs and meal planning. Sign up for a meal kit service that delivers all the ingredients (plus detailed instructions) right to your door on a schedule that fits your hectic lifestyle. You choose the type of recipes for the meals you want to make, how often you’d like to get them, and a delivery date for all the ingredients to arrive on your doorstep. Each box includes what you need to make your selected meals.  

HelloFresh offers recipes ready in 30 minutes or less, as well as a variety of Veggie, Calorie-Smart, and other dietary options. You can choose from 50 weekly menu and market items, so each week, you can select recipes and add extras like Quick Breakfast, snacks, or condiments.  

Fresh, affordable, meal kits, delivered right to your door. With HelloFresh, you really can simplify your holidays.  

Want to make things easier for yourself over the holidays? Sign up for HelloFresh today!

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