4 Auto Tips Just In Time For Summer
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4 Auto Tips Just In Time For Summer

Driving could replace air travel for many in the coming months.

Summer’s here, so it’s time to get your vehicle ready for those fun road trips you’ll be taking. And guess what? Experts are predicting driving could replace air travel for many people in the coming months. With that in mind, we’ve got four tips to help you get your car in top shape.

  1. Check your fluids. This includes your coolant, as well as your oil, brake, windshield wiper, transmission, and power-steering fluid levels. If you’re not sure how to check, make an appointment with your local dealership or auto mechanic for a once-over.
  2. Check your battery. Batteries don’t respond well to heat, so summer can be harder on batteries than winter. With your car turned off, make sure the battery is mounted well so it isn’t shifting around, since this can cause it to stop working. Look at all connections to ensure they’re tight. Wipe off any grease, dirt, or corrosion so your battery stays cool and performs at its best. If you’ve been driving a lot less recently, your battery charge could be low. Try an online virtual battery tester or stop by an auto parts store for a free battery test. No matter how diligent you are, dead batteries still happen. If you have a roadside assistance plan, you can quickly get a jump start if your battery croaks.
  3. Check your tires. Traveling is notoriously rough on tires, so you’ll be happy you’re prepared in case you hit that pothole. Look in your vehicle owner’s manual or on the driver’s side door for your tires’ recommended PSI (pounds per square inch). You can buy an inexpensive tire pressure gauge to measure each tire. Do this when your car has been parked for at least three hours. Take a look at each tire’s tread too. If they’re looking significantly worn, you may need new tires. Double-check that your spare tire is in good shape, if your vehicle has one (not all do these days). If you end up on the side of the road with a flat anyway, roadside assistance can come to your rescue.
  4. Put together an emergency kit. These aren’t just for winter traveling; it’s good to be prepared year-round. Stock your kit with first-aid essentials, non-perishable food, water bottles, basic tools, a flashlight, extra batteries and coolant, flares, and a blanket. If you already have an emergency kit in your vehicle, check the expiration dates on food, water, and first-aid supplies. Replace as needed.

Because mishaps occasionally happen despite all our best efforts, it’s smart to consider getting an emergency roadside assistance plan. That way, you have peace of mind knowing you’ve covered all your bases. Whether you’ve locked yourself out of your car, need a tow, run out of gas, or have a flat tire, roadside assistance has you back on your way as soon as possible. Most issues are resolved in less than an hour. Knowing you don’t have to worry about getting where you need to go gives you the time and energy to focus on what really matters, like your family and friends.

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