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4 Can’t-Fail Tips For Finding An Affordable, Top-Notch Bottle Of Wine

Don’t be tricked into paying more than you should.

Spending more doesn’t always make for a happier experience. Compare, for example, the pain those overpriced stilettos have introduced into your life versus the comfort of the worn-in clogs you’ve had for years.   

Wine is no exception. That $100 bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon you see resting on the top shelf of your corner wine shop? It’s likely not the best Cab you can buy. In fact, you might be able to get a bottle that’s just as enjoyable, or even more so, for a quarter or fifth of the price. 

What’s the secret to buying wine that’s both exceptional and affordable? It all comes down to four very simple steps. 

1. Know the true cost of that bottle of wine. The price of premium grapes in a good bottle of wine tops out at about $20. The other $80 in that $100 Pinot Noir? That’s a combination of price markups, distribution costs, packaging, and especially middlemen like national sales managers, regional distributors, and retail buyers. It all adds up to a lot of money that comes between you and the wine, inflating the cost of every sip.  

2. Go independent. Like a lot of industries, the wine industry has seen a great deal of consolidation in recent years. The result? A small number of conglomerates control the market. That impacts you, the wine lover, in a couple of ways. One, you’re paying for the layers of expenses that come with running a conglomerate. Two, your choices are limited because those big companies like to play it safe rather than taking a chance on bold artisan winemakers. When you support independent winemakers, you’re supporting innovation, creativity, and dazzling small-batch wines that aren’t produced in bulk.  

3. Don’t overpay. It can be easy to become intimidated by wine shops and wine experts who make you feel an affordable bottle of wine can’t be good. But added cost doesn’t mean added quality. Remember, there are only two things worth paying for when you purchase a bottle of wine: great grapes and the passion of a talented winemaker. What does real value look like? A market structure that allows you to buy wines at a reasonable price while offering an honest, sustainable deal to the winemakers. 

4. Keep it easy. When you want a wine to bring to a dinner party or enjoy at home, you don’t have to be daunted by the vast shelves of bottles at your supermarket or wine store. There’s a simpler, more satisfying way to purchase wine. Buy direct from Naked Wines. You’ll pay an honest price for delicious wine made by the best independent winemakers in the world – with a 100% refund guarantee.  
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