Top Tips To Easily Get Rid Of Gray Hair At Home
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Top Tips To Easily Get Rid Of Gray Hair At Home

Say goodbye to salon appointments with confidence.

Are you seeing the stress of 2020 at your roots (and temples and everywhere else) but don’t want to head to the salon? It’s easy to cover those grays without adding to them. Master the art of covering unwanted grays like a pro, all from the comfort of your home. Here are some easy, stress-free tips.

  • Start where the hair is grayest. You’ll typically begin to notice gray hairs at the front hairline around the face. Pay special attention to these areas since gray hair tends to be resistant to color. Make sure to allow for the full processing time whether your mane is completely silver or you’re just beginning to gray.
  • Fully saturate the hair. Home haircolor formulas can sometimes be thinner than salon color, making them simpler and faster to use. But that also means it can be easy to spread the product too thin when you are applying it yourself. Grays that are fully covered with product will take the color best.
  • Use an at-home coloring system made for nixing the gray. Not all haircolor formulas are the same. And gray hair can be more challenging to cover. Choose a product developed especially for gray hair to get full coverage and avoid going too light. Another good rule of thumb is to pick a color within two shades of your natural hair color.

L'Oréal’s Color&Co Personalized Haircolor is specially formulated to get you the exact shade you want, specifically for your type of hair. A simple online quiz is coupled with a virtual consultation with one of L'Oréal’s licensed colorists. This helps you get the color and formula that’s right for you, while also supplying you with all the confidence and savvy you’ll need to kick those grays to the curb.

Your custom-blended formula will be delivered right to your door for easy at-home application. For vibrant tresses that always look professionally done, check out Color&Co’s range of premium color shampoos and conditioners to keep your haircolor looking vibrant and healthy. Say goodbye to grays in 2021 and hello to a new look.

Visit Color&Co to get your personalized haircolor today!

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