Watch Our #GirlfriendSuperHero Take On The #NoStainChallenge

Share with that friend who always seems to spill.

Memorial Day is behind us, which means the official season of wearing white is here. But do you shy away from light-colored clothes because you're scared of getting them dirty? If so, fret no more! We've got the perfect white shirt for every non-so-perfect woman — especially those who are a tad clumsy.

Chico's is marketing a classic white shirt that's not only wrinkle-free, but it's also enhanced with Stain Shield®. You read that right. It means your shirt will repel coffee, ketchup and — yes! — even red wine.

Find out more by watching our GirlfriendSuperHero take on the #NoStainChallenge at And then share with "that friend" who always seems to spill.

Also of note:

Here are three fresh ways to dress up a classic white shirt.

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