What Your BFF Wants You To Know About Emergency Roadside Assistance
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What Your BFF Wants You To Know About Emergency Roadside Assistance

Four smart reasons you should seriously consider getting it.

Where would we be without our besties? They celebrate with us, they’re our trusted advisors, and sometimes they help us make some pretty tough decisions. They also have tons of great recommendations when it comes to stuff they use and love. Here’s what your BFF wants you to know about emergency roadside assistance and why you should seriously consider getting it.

Lockout Service

You’ve picked up the kids from school and you need to swing by the grocery store to grab some ingredients for dinner. After 20 minutes of trying to find what you need and robotically repeating, “No, not today,” to your kids’ umpteen requests, all of you are cranky and ready to get home. You wheel your cart out the door, sagging with relief that at least there’s nothing in the parking lot to tempt your kids’ junk-food cravings (you hope!). Then you find you’ve locked your keys in your vehicle. What?!

Let’s be honest…locking yourself out of your car has the potential to throw even a good day off-kilter. And if you haven’t locked yourself out of your vehicle yet, you’re one of the lucky few (the key word here is “yet”). An emergency roadside assistance plan provides lockout service so you can get back to your day as soon as possible. Think of how awesome it will be when a nice helper shows up to get you into your car in less time than you expected.

Fuel Delivery

If you’ve ever driven through the rural expanses of our great nation, you may have noticed that the number of gas stations can be few and far between. Or maybe a family member has ever so thoughtfully left your car with almost no gas in it (grrr!). Whatever the situation, running out of gas in the middle of your travels is not anyone’s idea of fun. Enter roadside assistance with fuel delivery to turn your trip from a potential nightmare into a simple mishap (and maybe even give you a humorous story to tell the next time you have coffee with your BFF).

Tire Change

Everyone’s had a flat tire before, so we all know that looking up videos on how to change a tire while you’re stuck on the side of the road is not how we want to spend our time. (And let’s face it, even a video isn’t going to help those of us who are not, shall we say, mechanically inclined.)

To top it all off, did you know that many newer cars don’t even have spare tires? Being able to call roadside assistance to handle a flat for you while you scroll through Facebook, make some business calls, or check your email takes a lot of pressure off a tense situation.

Tow Service

In case things really take a turn for the worse—let’s say your engine is smoking or your car has just flat-out stopped running—a roadside assistance plan will give you the ability to call a trusted tow truck and track it live to your location. You can even arrange to have a Lyft come pick you up while your car is being towed.

Getting back on the road quickly can be a simple matter of knowing what to do when you need help. Having roadside assistance gives you enormous peace of mind when you’re on a family vacation, visiting grandparents, shuttling kids to activities, or just heading to work. It’s one less thing you have worry about. Not having to deal with the stress of being stranded can make everything else you’re already dealing with that much easier.

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