3 Reasons To Go Cashless In The Age Of COVID-19

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3 Reasons To Go Cashless In The Age Of COVID-19

Why you should feel comfortable and confident turning to a digital wallet.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the way we shop and pay for our purchases has changed significantly. With new normals like working from home, practicing social distancing, and taking steps to help contain the spread of the coronavirus, we’re relying more and more on digital payments that can be made safely and comfortably from our mobile devices, laptops, and tablets. Thankfully, many businesses — even small local restaurants and stores — have made buying online an option. And while convenience is important, your safety is too.

Looking to go cashless but haven’t quite taken the leap to sign up? PayPal shared three reasons why you should feel comfortable and confident turning to a digital wallet.

Security — Here’s an unnerving thought—each time you enter your credit card information online, you run the risk of exposing yourself to scammers. Digital wallets reduce this likelihood, as you can create one account that stores several bank and credit card numbers securely. This allows you to shop online for everyday essentials at millions of merchants around the world without sharing sensitive information over and over again. Using your digital wallet makes each transaction more secure and protects you from cyber scams and criminals. And, don’t worry, you can still earn your credit card rewards!*

Convenience — Searching your house for your wallet and entering credit card information for each transaction can be a pain. With a digital wallet, just select the PayPal option at checkout and you’re done in a few clicks, saving you hassles and time. Even sending or receiving money internationally is easy once your account is set up. And, since a digital wallet allows you to link several bank and credit card accounts, you have the freedom to choose which account you prefer to use. Plus, a digital wallet makes donating to charitable organizations easy. And, because of COVID-19, charities and nonprofits are relying on donations now more than ever. To ensure 100% of your gift goes to support charities fighting the coronavirus, PayPal is covering the transaction cost of donations made via their app.

Cleanliness — We’ve all heard how dirty money can be. Paper money circulates between four and 15 years and can contain harmful bacteria and viruses. Now more than ever, going cashless is one more simple way you can do your part to help prevent the spread of germs that can cause disease.

Whether you’re buying groceries online, transferring money to family or friends, or making a donation to your local nonprofit, peace of mind is yours when you use PayPal for all of your online transactions.

*Credit card rewards are subject to issuer’s terms and conditions.

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