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Travel Trends Worth Considering In 2022

Girls just want to have fun.

Just thinking about travel can put us in a happy place. What comes to mind for you? Is it sitting on a quiet beach with a good book, hiking in one of the national parks, or touring the cultural sites of a new-to-you city? Here are some vacation experiences trending now. 

Romantic Getaways – Even if you’ve been spending more time at home with your significant other, nothing ignites romance like a dreamy couple’s getaway. A vacation experience that sparks laughter, conversation, and excitement will go a long way in fulfilling what you’re looking for.  

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Health and wellness destinations offer lots of opportunities for connecting and exploring. Think yoga, side-by-side massages, swimming, hiking, and taking in the sights. 

Family Vacations – Nothing can put a smile on your face like thinking about embarking on a family vacation. With family members scattered across the country and busy schedules, why not pick a destination for your home base and discover a whole new area? 

Adventure destinations like Florida, Montana, and Maine offer opportunities to visit everything from theme parks to national parks. 

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Going Solo – Whether it’s a road trip or escaping to your dream destination, quality alone time can really help you feel rejuvenated. Pamper yourself, create your own personalized itinerary…or no itinerary at all!  

Experiences that offer personal fulfillment are becoming more and more popular. Think artsy retreat, or immerse yourself in the local culture on a volunteer vacation.  

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No matter where you travel, here are some ways to get extra savings. 

  • Travel on weekdays if possible. Airfare and hotel rates will likely be lower. 
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