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Your Chance To Win A Great Getaway With Your Girlfriend!

Do you and your bestie need a break from reality? Then enter our contest today.

Is there anything better than time with your bestie? Not really! Your BFF is your backbone. She inspires and supports you. She makes you laugh. And going away with her is a special kind of cleanse. With that in mind, The Girlfriend wants to give you a getaway — or, rather, the money so that you can afford a getaway.

Just tell us in an essay or video why your best friend IS your best friend. Exactly what makes your bond so special? We’ll go through each and every response and award three prizes so that you can take a fabulous girlfriend getaway: $2,500 for the first-place winner, $1,000 for second place and $500 for third place. The Girlfriend is all about celebrating female friendship, and we can’t wait to hear about yours. Submissions are due Dec. 21.

So enter today for the chance to win a break from reality with the bestie you cherish most. Leave the guys and the kids behind, and let your hair down for some  girl time. After all, everybody needs a Girlfriend.

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AARP, The Girlfriend, Girlfriend Getaway, contest
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