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Your Chance To Win A Great Galentine's Day With Your Girlfriend

Valentine's Day isn't just for couples. Enter for a chance to win a free night out with your best girlfriend.

The "meet-cute" is Hollywood jargon for a standard plot device in which a future couple meet in a way that's unusual, amusing or, well, cute. Think Notting Hill, when bookshop owner Will Thacker (Hugh Grant) spills his orange juice on movie star Anna Scott (Julia Roberts). But meet-cutes aren't just for romantic comedies. Best friends also can come together in a fun, destined-to-be-besties-forever way.

With that in mind, The Girlfriend wants to give you and your BFF a fabulous Galentine's Night Out — Galentine's Day is traditionally Feb. 13 — or, rather, the money so that you can afford a great night out.

Just tell us in 350 words or less OR in a video that's no more than three minutes how you met your best friend. We'll go through each and every response and award three prizes so you can treat yourselves right: $1,000 for the first-place winner, $500 for second place and $250 for third place. The Girlfriend is all about celebrating female friendship, and we can't wait to hear about yours. Submissions are due Dec. 23. Go here to read the rules.

So go here to enter our contest today for a chance to win a break from reality with the bestie you cherish most. Leave the guys and the kids behind, and let your hair down. After all, everyone needs a Girlfriend.

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six pink heart balloons floating
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