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The Other F Word

Some have called it a “Friends” for midlifers. Others say it’s “Sex and the City” for a new generation. However you see it, “The Other F Word” — a new series created by Caytha Jentis and brought to you exclusively by The Girlfriend — taps into an underserved and usually unappreciated demographic: women over 40. The “F Word” in the title stands for both 40 and 50 — ages when women often find themselves starting to feel invisible — although it can also stand for “fun” as in #FunNeverGetsOld.

The series has a core cast of four middle-aged women that everyone can relate to. There’s the recent empty nester, Amy, who’s shell-shocked when her husband suddenly announces plans to join the Peace Corps for a year. She misses her previous minivan-mom life and is struggling to find her place in the world. There’s her older sister, Diane, who’s single and dating a much, much younger man. (But please don’t call her a Cougar!) There’s the helicopter mom, Trish, who hilariously micromanages every minute of her children’s lives. And there’s the sexy widow, Orly, who’s not quite sure how to cope with her grief. The four women, all going through stressful life changes, handle it with humor — and a glass or three of wine.