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10 Things I Did To Relieve My Swelling And Bloating

And some of these worked almost instantly.

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I’ve always been someone prone to swollen eyes and a bloated belly. When I started going through perimenopause, it got worse — that prompted me to find out why my body held on to so much fluid even though I had a good exercise routine and ate plenty of fruits and vegetables.

I tried different products like under-eye creams and over-the-counter pills that claimed to help with bloating. But nothing did.

Then, a few years ago, a friend told me she got a “carb face,” meaning her face would get swollen if she ate certain foods. That one comment made me realize my diet probably had something to do with my inflammation and led me to try a bunch of all-natural remedies to get rid of my eyebags and swollen body. Luckily, I found some that worked instantly:

1. I've nearly stopped eating flour and sugar every day.

This diet tweak has made the most difference to my face and body. No, it wasn’t super easy, but I quickly got used to not eating refined sugar and flour because I added lots of healthy fats in their place, so I wasn’t hungry. That kept me feeling full, and I felt and looked so much better that I didn’t mind the sacrifice. Not only did this completely get rid of my eye bags, but some chronic pain I had in my neck and shoulder went away. I still may splurge one or two days a week, but man, do I feel and see it when I eat these foods.

2. I kept track of how I felt and looked after I ate certain things.

I didn’t stop at flour and sugar. I wanted to see which foods were triggering my body to swell since we all have different reactions to different things. For me, rice and processed meats were causing problems, and I didn’t realize it until I started paying better attention. I still enjoy them, but I just eat less and try to make substitutions when I can. Writing them down in a journal and paying attention to how swollen I got helped me identify problem causers.

3. I started doing gua sha for the face and body every night.

Gua sha, a traditional Chinese healing method that uses a smooth, flat tool to lightly scrape your skin, helped. Not only does gua sha move fluid away from the face, but I also found it incredibly relaxing and nourishing. My skin looks amazing, I rarely break out, and products really sink into my skin. I do gua sha almost every night on my face and body. It’s worth the 20 minutes!

4. Sleeping on my back was a game-changer.

I’ve always been a side sleeper, which isn’t great for your face. I started propping myself on pillows each night and sleeping on my back. While I know I eventually end up on my side, starting on my back helped with my swollen face.

5. I take magnesium every night.

If you need help relaxing at bedtime, magnesium can help. Getting enough sleep is essential so your body can repair itself. If you struggle to have regular bowel movements, which can cause a lot of uncomfortable bloating, magnesium may be good for that, too. It’s a win-win.

6. I stopped drinking alcohol.

I used to enjoy wine now and then, but even one glass made me bloated, uncomfortable and unable to sleep well. I had to stop. As soon as I did, my sleep improved, and I no longer woke up feeling inflamed and swollen.

7. I started propping my feet up every night.

If you like to unwind on the couch or in your favorite chair each night after dinner, putting your feet up for a few minutes helps. Not only is it super relaxing, but elevating your feet keeps fluid from settling in your lower body.

8. Walking.

Whether you have a regular exercise program or not, walking or any kind of regular movement can ease swelling. It can be as simple as a short walk around the block after dinner or on your lunch break.

9. I get regular massages.

Not many of us need a reason to get a regular massage, but did you know it can reduce swelling while also relaxing your muscles? Even one massage a month can help fight inflammation.

10. I added anti-inflammatory foods to my diet.

I never really paid attention to anti-inflammatory foods before, but now I do. Ginger, green tea, fatty fish, turmeric and even dark chocolate can help. I used to get swollen after enjoying sushi and soy sauce (another food I cannot give up), but now I always eat the ginger that comes with it, and I barely swell after.

Do any of you suffer from bloating? What do you do about it? Let us know in the comments below.

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