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9 Small Habits That Will Boost Your Energy Level In A Big Way

'I can honestly say I feel younger and more energized at 47 than I did in my teens and 20s.'

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Chloe Batchelor
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There was a time in my life when I thought my younger years were when my body and mind felt their best. Boy, was I wrong.

I now realize that feeling great and having energy has a lot more to do with preventative care — and the small habits you do daily — than your age. We are living in a time when women are taking control of their health and pushing themselves to reach new goals and meet new challenges in all areas of their lives. We are showing ourselves that we don’t have an expiration date and we can still do things like run marathons, lift heavy weights — you name it.

Here are nine habits that I've incorporated into my life that make me feel vibrant and give me the energy I had as a child.

1. Take Vitamin D.

I started taking Vitamin D a few years ago after a friend told me it helped her with seasonal depression. After doing more research, I read that it was good for your immune system, too. I felt fantastic after taking it for a few months and noticed something: I have three teenagers who still live with me and they get sick with bad colds a few times a year. I always used to catch whatever they had but I can tell you I have not had so much as a cold in years.

There are times I feel a bit run down or maybe like I’m coming down with something, but it never manifests into a full-blown sickness. Now my older kids are on board with taking Vitamin D every morning and our house has been free of sickness for about a year.

2. Add sprints to your workout.

Sprinting has been proven to boost your human growth hormone (something that starts declining when we hit 40), by over 700 percent. Now, before you say, “No way, I’m not doing sprints,” a sprinting workout doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think. It can be any form of an aerobic exercise that you don't do for longer than 30 seconds.

That means after a 10-minute warm-up of walking, biking or running, do 30-second bursts of an aerobic exercise, then slow it down and recover for a minute and a half. Repeat cycles of 30 seconds on and a minute and a half off, for 20 minutes. Then do a cool down.

You only need to exercise like this two to three times a week to reap the benefits. Since I’ve been doing this (I jog with sprint bursts) my energy has gone through the roof, my mood is better and I’m sleeping well.

3. Take magnesium.

Taking one capsule of magnesium right before I go to bed has helped me relax and get better sleep. Magnesium helps regulate the stress-response system, making it easier for your mind and body to rest. Unfortunately, some 70 to 80 percent of adults over 70 don't get the required daily amount. Not having enough of this essential mineral has been linked not only to sleep disorders, but also to stroke, cardiovascular disease, asthma and depression.

4. Say no more often.

When we over-function in any relationship, it can make us feel resentful and exhausted. Like a lot of other things in my life, saying no took some practice. The first few times I declined an invitation so I could recharge my batteries I felt a little strange about it. I soon realized putting my peace and well-being before pleasing someone else was the best way I could practice self-care. I now know I don’t need a reason to say no, regardless of what it is because the benefits I get from investing in myself first make me a better mom, employee and friend.

5. Get a bra fitting.

This sounds like it might not make that much of a difference but let me tell you, it does. Most women aren’t wearing the proper size bra and that can have an effect on our posture, core, back, shoulders and stamina throughout the day. It wasn’t something I knew until I got a bra fitting and realized the bras I was wearing weren’t even close to my bra size. Now, I stand up straighter, my back doesn’t bother me as much and I can do things like stand in my kitchen and cook, or go on longer walks without my shoulders aching.

6. Wear clothes that fit and don’t pay attention to the size.

I stopped paying attention to the size stores said I should be wearing and started trying on different sizes. I will not stuff myself into something too small simply because I have other clothing items in that size. I don’t hang onto clothes that don’t fit any longer either. My life changed when I started wearing clothes that were comfortable and stopped thinking about what size I was. Think about how drained and irritated you feel when your jeans are uncomfortable or your waistband is too tight. There’s absolutely no reason to make yourself feel that way. Being comfortable makes you feel lighter and therefore will give you more energy.

7. Journal.

Journaling your thoughts at the beginning or end of the day is incredibly cathartic. It helps clear out any bad energy and gives you a fresh start. Journaling helps me concentrate on the present, and if something is on my mind, I find a lot of peace in knowing I can express it in a healthy way and not carry it around with me.

8. Eat lots of good fat and protein.

I grew up in the ‘80s, a time when women were told to avoid fat at all costs, which I did. It left me feeling weak, hungry and tired. When I was 40 I stopped avoiding fats like avocado, nuts and seafood and paid attention to the amount of protein I was getting. It was a huge game-changer. I was instantly more satisfied, had a ton more energy, and lost my cushy stomach and love handle.

9. Don’t deprive yourself of carbs — at least not all the time.

I realize not eating carbs is huge in the diet world but I’ve tried it many times and it leaves me feeling horrible. I like fruit, can’t live without rice, and you shouldn’t feel guilty for eating oatmeal or quinoa. Yes, low-carb or no-carb diets work great for some. It’s important to remember everyone needs different things. Just because someone has had success with a Keto diet doesn’t mean you will.

The bottom line is if any kind of restriction is making you feel worse than before you started it, it’s likely not the diet for you. Fueling your body is key. Just try one or two of these energy-boosting tips and hopefully you will notice a change in your energy level.

Obviously talk to your healthcare provider if you are worried about your energy level or the taking of any supplements.

Which of the above do you do? Let us know in the comments below.

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