Photographs by Bridget Shevlin
Photographs by Bridget Shevlin

Get Your Sexy On With These 7 Lubricants For Sensitive Skin 

Here's how to enhance arousal by keeping your 'down there' silky smooth.

We rarely hear about lubricants for sensitive skin because we rarely talk about lubricants. But — spoiler alert — your face isn’t the only sensitive part of your body. In fact, I think we ladies know that “down there” is way more sensitive than our faces. So why aren’t we making sure that our lube is doing its job — and preventing rashes, irritation and all the other bad stuff that comes along with popping sticky, gooey stuff in our hoo-has? While lubricants can make sex so much better, they can also make it take a turn for the worse, especially if they contain ingredients that aren’t meant for sensitive areas. 

First, check the ingredient list and avoid the following: glycerin, capsaicin (found in warming lubes) and spermicide. These are often triggers for sensitive skin. Any lubricants with added fragrances or parabens (these extend their shelf life) also are harmful. Here are some lubricants that tend to work well for sensitive vaginas.

Aloe Cadabra

Bridget Shevlin

Made with organic ingredients, this lubricant is FDA-cleared and was created with 95 percent aloe — a good-for-your-skin ingredient. Aloe is used to heal sores, irritation and any skin ailments; you can bet it’s good for your sensitive bits. This lubricant also includes vitamin E oil, Xanthan (used to thicken aloe vera), citric acid and organic vanilla. The brand uses organic essential oils to create various scents. $11.95 at

Woo Coconut Love Oil

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First of all, the name of this lube is everything. Moving on. The ingredients are organic and, apparently, you can eat them. So try that, too. There are no parabens, petroleum, silicone or glycerin. It’s made specifically for vaginas, rather than penises, which is not what we can say about every (or even most) lubricants. The primary ingredient here is coconut oil, and they’ve also added some vanilla, stevia and sunflower seed wax. $25 at

Blossom Organics Natural Moisturizing Lubricant

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Looking for a water-based lubricant? Many people shy away from water-based lubes, as they tend to dry out skin and cause irritation. (Ever try having sex in the bath? Then you’ll see our point.) But the big pro about water-based lubes is that they don’t stain. They can be used on toys, and the cleanup is super easy. And this aloe-based formula lubricant manages to avoid all the typical water-based issues. It’s made for women and free of glycerin and parabens — plus it feels like silk. $12.46 at

Isabel Fay

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It’s a blend between water and silicone lubricants, and we think it offers the best of both worlds. Since it’s a hybrid, it isn’t sticky, can be used on people and on toys, is condom-safe and doesn’t contain parabens or glycerin. The only issue for us — and we think it’s a legit concern — is that due to the pump, you can’t just toss it into a nightstand drawer so it’s hidden from curious (kids’) eyes, or it may leak a bit. $16.95 at

Überlube Luxury Lubricant

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This bottle looks more like a fancy perfume than a lubricant, but we like fancy (especially fancy that works), and this certainly does the job. It’s made with vitamin E and silicone, and it’s as slippery as it gets. This is a silicone-based lubricant, so don’t use it with sex toys, as it will degrade them. It is compatible with condoms. A little goes far, so just use a drop at a time. $28 at

Organic Glide

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Free from all the bad things (glycerin, parabens, alcohol, fragrance, hormones), this water-based lubricant is FDA-cleared. Plus — and this is a biggie — it claims to have a special probiotic formula promising to protect against future urinary tract infections. That alone makes it worthy of using, regardless of whether you actually need a lubricant. $11.95 at

BioNude Ultra Sensitive Personal Lubricant

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Made from hydroxyethyl cellulose, this contains a plant-based material that’s hypoallergenic. The water-based lube has no parabens, glycerin or petrochemicals. It isn’t sticky, and it lasts for a long time. $11.99 at

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