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Kelly Ablen
Kelly Ablen

The Girlfriend's Guide To Cryo Facials

Try Frotox! Freshen your face by blasting liquid nitrogen all over your pores and neck.

What is it? Cryo facials freshen your face with pressurized cold blasts of liquid nitrogen all over your pores and neck. It’s Botox without the needles — Frotox!

Why would I want to do this? The chilled air stimulates collagen production and elasticity in the skin, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It also decreases inflammation. (That’s why doctors always instruct athletes to soak in ice baths and apply cold compresses to sore muscles.) The result is a radiant, I-just-got-10-hours-of-sleep-in-a-hotel-suite-overlooking-the-ocean glow, albeit a temporary one.

Does it hurt? Not at all. The treatment, which lasts from five to 30 minutes and costs about $100, is noninvasive. You just feel bursts of air on your face. The esthetician uses a pen-shaped device called a CryoWand that emits controlled amounts of liquid nitrogen vapors and massages your face in circular motions. Unlike other facials, you can even leave your makeup on. You’ll see results over the course of a few days.

Where can I do this? A few years ago, only certain exclusive L.A. spas offered cryotherapy, catering to A-list clients like Demi Moore. But now you can get Frotox treatments at reputable spas and specialized cosmetic offices all over the country.

Are you sure it’s not dangerous? The big chill won’t burn or freeze your face. And if you breathe in the liquid nitro? No worries — your body produces it naturally anyway. Even so, always check with your dermatologist with questions and concerns before trying any new procedure.

Illustration by Kelly Abeln

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cryo facial beauty spa
Kelly Ablen