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It Is Easy Drinking Green With These 4 Insanely Great Recipes

You are going to love these!

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Glass of green juice on a stage with veggies peaking in and out
Margeaux Walter
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Scrolling through my Instagram feed one morning, I stumbled on the account video of Martha Stewart.

I did a quick Google search and discovered that Stewart turned 80 years old last year. Wow. She looks fantastic! Her hair was so full, her skin so dewy. In the words of the woman in the diner in When Harry Met Sally: “I’ll have what she’s having!”

It turns out that what Stewart is having is green juice. She says she drinks it daily and swears that it’s the secret to her looking and feeling so good. Now I’m not going to pretend that I believe that green juice is the sole reason she looks so terrific. Great genetics, a fabulous hair colorist and a host of other things are probably also helping her maintain her glowing appearance.

But the green juice certainly isn’t hurting. Stewart isn’t the only celebrity to tout the magic of starting your day with a green elixir. Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez and Cindy Crawford are also fans of embracing the day in a green way.

What is green juice?

Green juices are made with a combination of raw green vegetables — such as kale, spinach or celery — and a little fruit or fruit juice to add sweetness. Some people also add in herbs like mint or parsley.

There are two main ways to make juice. “Normal” juice is made in centrifugal juicers that use heat (which also pasteurizes the liquid).

“Cold-pressed” juice is made in a hydraulic press with no heat involved. The ingredients in cold-pressed juice remain raw (although there are pasteurized cold-pressed juices available, so check the labels).

In general, cold-pressing allows the juice to retain more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than normal juice. Cold-pressed juice is also considered by many to be more flavorful. You need to invest in a juicer (you can make it in a blender, but it may be more difficult). A juicer allows you to utilize the fruits and vegetables in large chunks, and there is no need to peel, dice or take off the rind. By making the juice at home, you control all of the ingredients that go into it.

If you don’t want to invest the money or time in at-home juicing, fresh green juice can be purchased at specialty shops, and there are premade versions at the grocery store.

Green juice versus smoothie

Green juice differs from a green shake or smoothie. When you make juice, the fruits and vegetables are pressed, removing much of the fiber. Smoothies are made by blending the ingredients, so the fiber remains in the drink. Green juices tend to be lighter and more hydrating, while smoothies are filling.

With both juices and smoothies, you want to be careful that you aren’t adding too much sugar to make them taste better (check the ingredients in store-bought juices). And while many people add juices and smoothies to their diet for health reasons, both can be high in calories and drinking your veggies may not feel as filling as chewing them.

Drink your veggies

All green drinks are a great way to add more plants to your diet — especially green leafy vegetables. Plant-based eating has many health benefits, including aiding in digestion, supporting heart and brain health and reducing inflammation.

While juice cleanses are trendy, restrictive eating programs aren’t ideal. But if you want to try adding a green juice or smoothie to your morning routine, here are four options.

Martha Stewart’s Favorite Green Juice

(from her website; differs from the one on Instagram)


1 green pear, such as Anjou, halved 

2 stalks celery 

2 English cucumbers 

1 bunch of parsley

1 (1-inch) piece of fresh ginger

2 orange wedges, rind left on 


Press ingredients through a juicer. Stir, and drink immediately.

Tropical Green Juice


3 cups fresh pineapple chunks 

1 cucumber 

2 cups fresh kale

2 tablespoons fresh basil (optional)


Add ingredients to a juicer, alternating between adding bits of pineapples and leaves of kale.

Rancho La Puerto Signature Green Juice


 ½ head romaine or leaf lettuce

1 medium green apple

1 leaf kale

1 small bok choy

4 inner leaves of beet greens

1 stalk of celery

2 sprigs parsley

½ cucumber

½ lemon with peel


Add to juicer in the order listed.

Reese Witherspoon’s Green Smoothie


2 heads of romaine lettuce

½ cup spinach

1 whole banana

1 whole apple (core removed)

1 whole pear (core removed)

1 whole lemon (rind removed)

½ cup coconut water


Roughly chop the romaine and add it to your blender with spinach, coconut water, banana, apple, pear and lemon.