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The 30-Minute Workouts Everyone Needs To Try

And you can do them at home, in a hotel room — anywhere.

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Maya Ish-Shalom
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We’ve been on the hunt for the perfect hotel workout. It must make us sweaty! It must not require any equipment! And it must give us a full-body workout!

So, if you are as grossed out by hotel gyms as we are (yuck!) or simply don’t own any equipment at home, try these tried-and-true 30-minute workouts designed specifically for The Girlfriend

Let’s start with this strength-and-cardio workout by Ryan Ernsbarger, a certified personal trainer in San Diego.


How many: Four to seven sets of five to 10 reps

Do this: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly descend, moving your knees and your hips downward simultaneously. Your hips should dip at or just below parallel with your quads. Return to standing to complete the movement. (If you’re advanced, try jumping squats.)

Maya Ish-Shalom


How many: Four to seven sets of seven to 10 reps per leg

Do this: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Step forward with one leg. Your back leg should gently touch the ground, leaving both legs in a 90-degree angle. Return to the standing position to complete the movement.

Maya Ish-Shalom

Plank push-up

How many: Four to seven sets of four to eight reps

Do this: Start with your hands on the countertop, desk or bed. Step back so you’re in a plank position. Bend your arms so your chest touches the object you’re leaning on. Push up to return to your starting position.

Maya Ish-Shalom


How many: Four to seven sets of six to 12 reps

Do this: Begin in a push-up position on the floor. Touch your right shoulder with your left hand while you maintain a plank position. Try not to lift your hips to one side while doing this. Return to a push-up position. Repeat this with the other hand.

Maya Ish-Shalom

Jumping jacks

How many: Four to seven sets of 10 to 20 reps

Do this: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Begin by jumping and moving your feet out while your hands move over your head. Clap your hands together overhead with your feet outside of shoulder-width. Return to your starting position.

Maya Ish-Shalom


How many: Two to four sets for one minute

Do this: Lie on the ground, your stomach facing the floor, with your arms and legs outstretched. Keeping your head in a neutral position, lift your arms and legs off the floor up to about 6 inches, or until you feel it in your back. Return to the prone position.

This next workout, created by Shelby Stover, a strength and nutrition coach and the woman behind the blog  Fit as a Mama Bear, will hit all the muscle groups.

Maya Ish-Shalom

And here are a few other great exercises to try:

Pike press

How many: Six times

Do this: Begin in a downward dog position with your feet wide and your hips in the air. Your hands should be roughly shoulder-width or slightly more apart. Bend your elbows and lower your head toward the floor (this is similar to a push-up).

Pause and push through your hands, lifting your head away from the floor and shrugging your shoulders at the top of the movement. If you’re a beginner, do these with your feet on the floor in a wide stance. If you’re intermediate or advanced, elevate your feet from a low chair, couch or bed.

In and out squats

How many: 40

Do this: Standing upright with your feet slightly wider than hip distance apart, sink down into a squat position keeping your heels on the floor. Press back up to a standing position, and as you do, take one foot and place it slightly wider than your initial stance. Perform a wide-stance squat, making sure to drive your knees out. As you come up, place your foot back into your initial squat position. Keep stepping in and out, alternating legs, for the duration of the time.

Reverse plank

How many: 20

Do this: Begin with your hips on the ground, legs straight out in front of you and your hands with fingers pointed out a few inches behind your hips. Squeeze your glutes, tuck your tailbone under, and raise your hips high into the air coming into a posterior pelvic tilt. Open your chest and hold. Pro tip: If the full stance with straight legs is too difficult, do this with your knees bent in a reverse tabletop position.

Eccentric push-up to superman

How many: Eight                                                                                                             

Do this: In a plank position, keep your elbows pointed backward as you lower down to the floor by bending your elbows for five seconds. Once on the floor, place your hands outside your ears; squeeze your glutes and raise your chest and legs off the floor. Place your hands under your shoulders and press back up into the plank position. Pro tip: If you can’t do the dead-stop push-up from the floor, that’s totally fine. Focus on the slow controlled push-up, perform the superman, and then return to the top position by using your knees on the floor.

Side-lying hip raise

How many: 10 times per leg                                                        

Do this: Lie on your right side with your knees bent and your feet together. Your hips and shoulders should be in one line, and your right arms should be under your right shoulder. As you raise up into your side-plank position and lift your hips off the ground, raise your left leg using your left glute. Keep your knee bent and flex your left foot. Pause and return to the starting position.

If you need extra help getting into a regular fitness routine, AARP Online Fitness can help with free expert webinars and access to personalized workouts for every fitness level.