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The Exercise That Burns Even More Calories Than Running!

I tried it and I love it.

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Mengxin Li
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Do you despise running but think you have to do something intense to stay or get into shape? Or maybe you like running but don’t want to do it all the time because it’s hard on your joints.

Running is indeed an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise. One recent study found that runners had significantly lower health risks and lived as much as three years longer than non-runners. As a runner myself, I’ve studied the benefits. I fell in love with it later in life and run every week. However, when my daughter sent me a video about people trading their running days for uphill walking, I was intrigued.

The Internet is full of clips featuring people hopping on their treadmills and spending a half-hour walking uphill at a pretty steep incline (13 on a treadmill setting), talking about how great they felt. They burned as many calories, if not more, than running for 30 minutes, and they talked about how they were more toned and their joints felt better.

I had to try it for myself because, to be completely honest, I didn’t believe that 30 minutes of uphill walking could be just as beneficial as running for the same amount of time.

I was wrong. After my first uphill treadmill trek, at an incline of 13 at 3.5 mph, I burned 50 more calories than I did during my half-hour jog.

Yes, it was challenging, but I could talk the entire time. I loved the change of pace and felt like I got a great workout — plus, my knees and hips felt better than they do after a run. I’ve added uphill walking to my workout routine, and I have to say that not only do I feel fantastic because it’s low-impact, but I look forward to it more than a run, and it targets different areas. I have sore hamstrings, calves and a sore bum to prove it.

Hannah Shine, an AFA-certified personal trainer, explains that you can burn as many calories uphill walking as running, provided you maintain an appropriate intensity. “The calorie burn during uphill walking and running depends on factors such as your body weight, speed and the incline.”

She says to aim for 30 minutes on the treadmill for maximum benefits.

“To simulate uphill conditions, set the treadmill incline between 5 percent and 10 percent or higher. Beginners may start with a lower incline and gradually increase it as they build strength and endurance.”

You should feel challenged while walking, but it shouldn’t be so intense that you lose form. Shine adds a very important tip: “The best exercise for you is the one that you can perform consistently and enjoy.”

So, if you thought you had to be a runner to be in tip-top shape, think again and give uphill walking a try.

Do any of you love to run? Any exercise you enjoy more? Let us know in the comments below.

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