Want To Live A Longer And Healthier Life?
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You're Reading Want To Live A Longer And Healthier Life?

illustration of lady stretching looking at aarps website
Jade Schulz

Want To Live A Longer And Healthier Life?

Here's how AARP can help.

Of course, we all want to live long, healthy lives. As an AARP member, you have access to an array of robust resources to help you take charge of your life and make the best of the aging process.

1. You can’t build it without the tools. AARP’s Health Tools offer a suite of web-based options that can help you stay healthy and keep track of medications. The tools will help you find care providers, calculate your BMI, make sure you don’t mix medications with a handy ‘Drug Interaction Checker’, as well as identify confusing drugs. Use the Symptom Checker to determine what’s ailing you. Search Diseases and Conditions, Drugs and related Health articles.

2. Check out 99 ways to add healthy years to your life with essential health tips. Featuring specific actions you can take to stay on top of your health, you’ll find topics like how to eat healthy, how to engage your brain and even the importance of embracing boredom! One example of being prepared means staying on top of your important numbers with your doctor (Blood pressure, waist to height ratio, etc.), updating your insurance, going to the dentist, flossing and making sure you’re up to date with important screenings including mammography, colonoscopy, etc.

3. Who said aging has to be serious all the time? It’s all fun and games! With AARP’s Staying Sharp Program, you can discover new ways to make brain health part of your daily routine. Choose from articles, recipes, activities, videos and fun brain games – designed just for you. Staying Sharp follows guidance from the Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH), which provides information and recommendations to empower people to take positive steps to improve their brain health. Create your own plan by saving the actions that inspire you. Track your progress by checking off the items you complete.

4. What’s behind that door? De-stress your life by de-cluttering your closet. A messy environment can cause undue stress, even if it’s not immediately noticeable. Organizing a frequently used closet can improve your time management, create a visually appealing space, and reduce your overall stress level significantly. Try pulling out all the items in your closet and grouping them together in a way that makes sense to you. Put the things you use the most on the easiest shelf to reach. Things you don’t use often should be placed furthest away. Use baskets, boxes and bags to create a prettier, less cluttered space. Add labels so you can find what you need when you need it.

5. You can rely on AARP to stay abreast of the latest medical new Learn more about the recall of the common heartburn medication Zantac, why the Shingles vaccine is in short supply, and understand the reasoning for getting a flu shot. Then read about the five things that will change cancer care in the next decade.

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