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10 Podcasts Women Over 40 Need To Be Listening To Right Now

A must-hear guide for midlife females.

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An animated graphic with the logos for the top podcasts like Pop Goes Your World, The History Chicks, and Midlife Mixtapes.
Karen Kurycki
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Do you know there are over 525,000 active podcasts available right now to listen to, and over 40 percent of the U.S. population has listened to one? And that they cover pretty much every topic imaginable — from training your dog to, er … training your husband, and podcast listeners are some of the most loyal and educated people out there?

But how does one find a really great podcast to listen to among the ocean of potential nonsense, when your listening time is valuable and not to be wasted on dead air and driveling talk? Here’s a must-listen guide to podcasts suitable to midlife females, and sure to educate, inspire, make you think and, of course, crack you up.

1. She Did it Her Way

Amanda Boleyn, an entrepreneur and business consultant, hosts this savvy podcast for budding female entrepreneurs and business owners. This weekly broadcast features interviews with successful female business owners and CEOs, and is on a mission to help women succeed in business. Named one of Forbes’ “12 Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs.”

2. Invisibilia

This highly reviewed podcast from the folks at NPR fuses narrative storytelling and science, then melds them to explain the “invisible forces” that are present in our lives, control our beliefs and ideas, and shape our assumptions — often without us knowing. This is deep-thinking content, but also highly entertaining.

3. Midlife Mixtape

If you’re interested in listening to great conversations between Gen Xers, look no further. This funny, smart, and yet heartfelt podcast features interviews with some of our favorite old-school celebs — like Martha Quinn, as well as interviews with life, travel and wellness experts on all things related to living our best life in the middle.

4. Experience 50- The Podcast

Topics cover “all the stuff you should know by age 50,” how to successfully navigate a major life pivot, raising teenagers while taking care of aging parents, sex after 50, sobriety, empty nest syndrome, downsizing, and much, much more.

5. The Big Leap Show: Inspiring Interviews with Badass Women About the Journey From Dreaming to Doing

Want to tell your boss and office cubicle to shove it, but don’t know how and what to do next? Listen to this weekly podcast all about reinventing, redefining and rebranding yourself at a time in your life when you’re finally ready to — midlife! Experts share their insights on taking that first leap out of your comfort zone, and finding what you’re truly meant to be doing.

6. Better Off with Jill Schlesinger

Ready to get serious about managing your money and planning for retirement but don’t want to listen to boring financial advisers toss around money and stock jargon you don’t even understand? Good, because Jill Schlesinger is ready to help with informative interviews and financial advice, all crafted with easy-to-understand concepts for those not so financially savvy.

7. LadyGang

For your trashy Hollywood-celeb fix, look no further than the ladies at LadyGang. They dish out weekly with a variety of celebs about what it’s like to live and work in the glitzy Hollywood bubble, and no topic is off-limits. Brace yourself.

8. Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

The famed inspirational speaker and best-selling author of Eat, Pray, Love delivers this brilliant weekly podcast, which aims to guide and embolden the artist in all of us. Interviews include a variety of innovators, authors and influencers, and will stir the dormant creative soul in you.

9. The History Chicks

Think you’re an expert on all the amazing females there have been over the last 2,000 years? Well, you’re not even close. But thanks to the History Chicks (and their witty, conversational style of talking history), it’s never too late to learn about the fearless, imaginative, elegant, brave and truly badass women who came before us. The History Chicks talk. You listen and learn. Brilliant.

10. Pop Goes Your World; Gen-X Pop Culture Vs. Millennial Pop Culture

Take a totally rad trip down memory lane with this podcast, which not only reminisces about the great music, movies and TV shows of the 1970s and ’80s, but also features explanations on today’s pop culture given by a true millennial. Have fun geeking out to your past, while picking up a few hip trends in the now.