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5 Smart Tips To Help Quickly Spruce Up Your Home For Spring And Summer

Your house will feel so much lighter and brighter.

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illustration_of_woman_refreshing_home_for_spring_by_Giulia Calistro_1280x704.jpg
Giulia Calistro
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The warmer weather is here, and while many of us are spending more time outdoors, we still long to have our homes reflect the change in seasons. A lot of focus goes into making our houses cozy and homey during the cooler months. However, there are also easy and inexpensive tweaks we can make at this time of year to help transform our homes, making them feel lighter and brighter.

Here are five things you can do right now to help spruce up your house for spring and summer.

Clear clutter

illustration of woman decluttering closet
Giulia Calistro

One thing that can make a huge difference in your living space — and even reduce anxiety — is just getting rid of stuff. Maybe you’ve realized you have too much furniture in your living room and it looks cluttered, or maybe you’ve gotten into the habit of building little piles of paper on your countertops. Getting some great organizing containers, such as big plastic bins, to store documents and other items, or selling things you no longer use can make your living quarters feel larger, cleaner and more open.

Go through your closet and donate the clothing you haven’t worn in a year. You will immediately feel lighter — and you’ll be able to find what you are looking for faster.

Getting rid of some stuff also allows you to use the space for other items you may like more. The spring and summer months are the perfect time to do that. Plus, getting rid of stuff you aren’t attached to hardly costs a thing.

Bring nature inside

illustration of woman entering home with flowers
Giulia Calistro

Maybe you love beachcombing and collecting beautiful pieces of sea glass, shells or rocks. Displaying them in a large glass vase or bowl is the perfect way to show them off and give your home a warm-weather vibe. Buy some fresh flowers, or check out your yard to see if you have any plants there that make you happy. Cut fresh ferns or wildflowers are wonderful for brightening up your home. Planting herbs and placing them on the windowsill will make your surroundings feel healthy and lush. Not only will you have some new plants for this time of year, but you can also use the fresh herbs in your summer recipes.

Change out pillows and throws

illustration of woman changing bed sheets
Giulia Calistro

Swapping out your accessories is quick and easy, and it can give your home an entirely new look. Consider cotton or linen throws instead of the heavier, chunkier blankets we love in the winter. Changing your sheets to a lighter color or fabric is a simple way to give your bedroom a quick makeover. If you don’t want to invest in new pillows, you can instead purchase covers in different fabrics and colors to cover your existing pillows. If you like to sew, head to the fabric store and pick out some fresh, bright fabrics. Accent pieces, such as wicker or rattan baskets and lamps, are another simple way to bring in some summery accessories.

Repaint trim

illustration of woman painting door trims
Giulia Calistro

Many of us look to be outside as much as possible after hibernating for the winter. That means we don’t want to spend hours on a big home project, which is why repainting a room is usually reserved for the colder months. However, if you feel your home needs a quick perking up, consider painting the trim. It’s a lot faster and cheaper than painting your entire home, and it will make everything look cleaner. If you are craving more color on the outside of your home, think about repainting your front door. It’s a quick project that can be done in an hour or two.

Clean windows

illustration of woman cleaning windows
Giulia Calistro

As we approach the long days of summer, you can give your home some spark simply by cleaning all the windows. You will notice how much brighter and cleaner your house looks after your windows get a good going-over. If this is a dreaded chore, recruit family members to help, or commit to washing two windows a day until they are done.

What's your best tip for sprucing up your home for spring? Let us know in the comments below.

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