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6 Things Professional Cleaners Would Never Have In Their Homes

Here’s what to avoid if you want to clean less often.

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illustration of woman cleaning her living room, tips from cleaner
Cristina Spanò
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I clean, and I clean, and I clean — but my house still always looks slightly dirty and disorganized at all times, while other homes seem to do well with a quick wipe-down. So, I turned to the experts: What am I doing wrong? Apparently, the stuff I have in my house, rather than the way I’m cleaning, is causing the issue. Cleaners say that some items tend to attract dirt and dust, which is why they avoid having them in their own homes.

Here’s what to get rid of if you want to clean your house less often with better results.

Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

This is one that was mentioned over and over again by just about every cleaning expert we interviewed. It’s a big no-no in the cleaning world, says Ryan Knoll, owner of Tidy Casa in Phoenix, Arizona. That’s because these carpets are breeding grounds for dust, mites and allergens, requiring regular deep cleaning to maintain. “Hard flooring with area rugs is a simpler alternative, as rugs can be cleaned separately more easily,” Knoll says. Be sure to stay away from a shag rug as well, though, for the same reason. You can practically hide a dead body in a shag rug without anyone ever finding it.

Excess Decor

Sure, it may look cute for a second, but tons of decor is a huge pain to keep clean, says Knoll. Homes filled with small trinkets and decorations need constant dusting and spraying. “It’s understandable that these objects can have sentimental value or add a personal touch to the space, but they often gather dust and can make cleaning more time-consuming,” says Kelly Salas, who runs Sierra Vista Maintenance with his wife in Sacramento, CA. But that doesn’t mean you have to rid your home of all your adorable decor. Try putting them in an enclosed glass cabinet like this one, where they’re less likely to collect dust.

Velvet and Suede

Certain fabrics are a nightmare to keep clean, especially if you have kids or pets, Knoll says. He avoids materials like velvet and suede, which are dust and stain magnets. “Instead,” he says, “I go for leather or microfiber, which are much more forgiving and easier to maintain.”

Dark Stain Wood Floors

Rich, dark-colored floors are popular, but many people regret getting them because they’re difficult to maintain. Every bit of dirt and dust shows up on the floor (even footprints!), and you’ll spend hours polishing and sweeping daily. The dark finish also shows scratches much faster than lighter wood stains, so consider avoiding it if you have pets. If you absolutely must have a dark-stained wood floor, make sure you apply at least three coats, along with a finish system, which should make it a little easier to keep clean. OSMO Polyx-Oil and Pallmann Magic Oil 2K are durable water-based finish systems that resist scratching and dirt.


Marble countertops look amazing — until you get food on them, which is inevitable if they’re in the kitchen. Marble is porous, so it’s likely to stain, scratch and get discolored no matter what you do to protect it. A wonderful alternative is a marble laminate like this one, or try quartz or granite that resembles marble.

Fabric Curtains and Shades

These are infamous for collecting dust, says Charlie King, a third-generation cleaner and owner of GreenWay Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas. They’re also cumbersome to clean, requiring specific tools and, most times, professional cleaning. He says opting for simpler window treatments reduces dust accumulation, making cleaning more efficient.

How often do you clean YOUR house? Let us know in the comments below.

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