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7 Shows On Network TV To Put On Your 'Must-See' List

The good news? No premium streaming channels are needed.

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Bertrand Calmeau/CBS, Gilles Mingasson/Disney, Robert Voets/CBS, Anne Marie Fox/ABC
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Whenever I am out with friends, a big conversation topic is what everyone is watching on television. Many of these popular series are on one of the many (increasing by the day) premium streaming channels, available only for subscribers willing to pay their fees.

While there are a lot of great choices on premium channels, what about good old-fashioned network television? Is there anything to watch on regular TV anymore?

The answer is yes! There are tons of quality shows to watch, from scripted comedies to juicy dramas and, of course, reality TV too.

Here are seven you should consider the next time you think there is nothing on network TV anymore. 

Survivor (CBS)

This is Where the Legends Are Made
Robert Voets/CBS

The tribe (and the fans) have spoken as this granddaddy of reality TV is currently in its 46th season and has already been renewed for next year. I have been watching since season one and cannot believe how this show has evolved while staying true to the initial premise. Stranded on a desert island with minimal supplies, contestants must work together, completing physical and mental challenges while voting each other off in hopes of being the sole survivor. In the new extended 90-minute format, there is more time to learn about each contestant's story, increasing the intensity as a torch gets snuffed each week.

Grey's Anatomy (ABC)

Eric McCandless/ABC

If, like me, you tuned out of this series years ago thinking it had jumped the shark (and then jumped again), it might be time to return to Grey Sloan. The show has refreshed itself with a new cast of interns reminiscent of season one when viewers first got to know George, Izzie, Meredith, Cristina and Karev. The newbies offer a fresh perspective, and it's especially nice to see them interact and learn from long-time cast members Dr. Webber and Dr. Bailey. (Plus, fan favorite, roller-skating pediatric and fetal surgeon Dr. Robbins, returns for season 20.)

The Bachelor (ABC)


Even if you have dismissed The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise as silly in the past, you will want to tune in this summer when one of the ladies from The Golden Bachelor hands out the roses in hopes of finding a love match. I wasn't sure how I would feel watching Golden Bachelor, but I was glued to the screen. I wasn't so much invested in Gerry's dating life as I was in the women and the connections they made with one another while living together in the house. I loved watching them cook in the kitchen, do each other's hair, dance in the pool, and share heartfelt conversations and laughs. Hopefully, this installment will have the exact authenticity and continue to illustrate that the joys of friendship have no age limit.

Finding Your Roots (PBS)


Now in its 10th season, this documentary season hosted by educator Henry Louis Gates profiles different celebrities as they learn about their family history. Using traditional genealogical research and genetics (DNA) testing, each guest gets a "book of life" containing the information that researchers discovered. Celebrities who have appeared on the show include Viola Davis (who found out she was related to Anita Hill), Oprah Winfrey and Julia Roberts. This season, the show will also include three non-famous guests.

Abbott Elementary (ABC)

Gilles Mingasson/Disney

In the style of a mockumentary like Modern Family, Abbott Elementary is a feel-good show about teachers trying to make a positive impact in an underfunded Philadelphia elementary school. The ensemble cast allows viewers to watch seasoned teachers interact with younger staff and the mayhem that ensues with their different styles and outlooks. The show is humorous but also highlights the difficulties today's educators face. The city of Philadelphia gets a lot of fun shoutouts, including a cameo by now-retired lineman Jason Kelce.

Ghosts (CBS)

The Owl
Bertrand Calmeau/CBS

What if the spirits in the Amityville horror house were friendly? That is what happens to Samantha and Jay in the series Ghosts. The two inherit a run-down country estate and convert it into a bed and breakfast. But they soon find out they are sharing the house with the spirits of an eclectic group of deceased residents. Samantha can see and hear the ghosts, but Jay cannot. The result is a quirky, upbeat and hilarious sitcom.

Yellowstone (CBS)

You\'re the Indian Now
Danno Nell/Paramount

If you have heard friends raving about the contemporary Western drama Yellowstone but didn't have Paramount Network, you are in luck. It is now being shown on CBS. Season three of the series, which stars Kevin Costner as the family patriarch and owner of the largest ranch in Montana, began airing in January 2024. If you were a fan of shows like Dallas and Dynasty, the Dutton family's saga is a perfect binge.

What's your favorite binge right now? Let us know in the comments below.

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