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The Girlfriend's Guide To Bubble Face Masks

They're neither tricky to find or icky to apply. In fact, they're downright fun: bubbles!

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women trying bubble face masks
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If history has taught us anything, it’s that women will put just about anything on their face in the name of beauty. From Cleopatra’s Dead Sea mud masks to whale sperm face cream, each regimen has its devotees.

Thankfully, one of the newer trends is neither tricky to find nor icky to apply. In fact, it’s downright fun: bubbles!

Riding the oxygen-facial spa trend, this at-home version is available in different modalities and price points. They all use self-activating bubbles that purportedly infuse skin with purifying oxygen, stimulate circulation and lift dirt and impurities.

While the bubbles grow and pop, it does feel like something is going on. Plus, it’s just hilarious fun to watch them double and triple in size until you resemble the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Here are a few to try at home.

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask, $11<
Apply it to dry, unwashed skin. Leave it on for five minutes while it starts to foam up, then massage it into your face and rinse. Carbonated charcoal and mud draws out dirt and oil while plant extracts tighten and moisturize.

Origins by All Greens Foaming Deep Cleansing Mask, $30
This “creamy clay mask transforms into a self-activating foam cleanser” — the power bubbles are packed with detoxifying, nutrient-rich spirulina, spinach and green tea.

BioMiracle Charcoal Bubble Mask, $4
If you’re not familiar with sheet masks, they’re face-shaped papers with product on one side that you leave on your mug while they work their magic. With activating charcoal and bamboo extracts, the mask stays on for 20 minutes. This is one of the original bubble masks.

Sephora Collection Bubble Mask Detoxifying & Oxygenating, $20
When it hits the air, this gel mask claims to invigorate dull and tired complexions. Active ingredients include detoxifying white tea and vitamin E.

GlamGlow Bubblesheet Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Mask, $9
The black bamboo charcoal cloth sheet mask holds a carbonated fizzy foam that “effectively removes dirt, excess oil and makeup buildup.”