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The Girlfriend's Guide To Jade Rollers

Sure, they look pretty in your bathroom cabinet, but jade rollers aren’t just for show.

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gif of multiple jade rollers moving back and forth
Jeff Elkins
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1. Form and function: Sure, they look pretty in your bathroom cabinet, but jade rollers aren’t just for show. Fans swear by them for improving circulation, reducing puffiness and generally providing a spa-like experience at home. For a few minutes a day, you can get a similar sensation to when a facialist massages ointments into your skin with cool hands.

2. A little history: According to connoisseurs, Chinese royalty began using similar devices in their beauty regimens centuries ago. A mineral found in nature, typically in green hues, “jade was considered the most precious and magical stone in imperial China, often referred to as the Emperor’s Stone,” says Ling Chan, who helped popularize the jade roller’s use at her Ling Skincare Spa in New York City. “It is believed, in traditional Chinese medicine, that jade can draw out negative chi energy from the body. That is why in many Asian cultures people often wear jade as jewelry. This same concept applies to our face, with the benefit of a rolling massage that can help with lymphatic draining and reduce puffiness.”

3. A shopper’s guide: The rollers usually consist of a handle and two cylindrical stone heads, one large for cheeks and foreheads, the other smaller for under the eyes and around the nose. Prices start under $10 and can run up to $90 for a top-of-the-line model. Read the fine print — and check that the stones are cool to the touch — to make sure they’re real jade. Incidentally, jade rollers also come in rose quartz.

4. How to: First thing in the morning or right before bed, “use on freshly cleansed skin after hydrating and applying serum/moisturizer,” says Minimal Beauty founder Jen Stoeckert, who offers a popular $19 roller. “Follow a soothing, rhythmic outward and draining motion towards the direction of the neck, chest and heart. Be sure to open and support the chest and neck area when targeting the face so drainage can openly flow without becoming congested around the ears and/or bottom of the face.” The light pressure and motion also help your skin absorb creams and serums already in your beauty routine. Jade naturally has cooling properties, but for an extra soothing sensation, try storing the device in a refrigerator or freezer. Be sure to clean with warm soapy water and dry after use.

5. Results may vary: As with any beauty trend, users report varying levels of satisfaction with jade rollers. But for many, it’s a fun, relaxing ritual — a quick DIY facial — that makes your skin feel refreshed, whether it visibly reduces puffiness or not.