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The Best Face Masks For Any Occasion

Yes, you CAN be stylish in the age of the coronavirus.

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Asian Woman putting on a face mask standing in front of a bright yellow background
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Face masks aren’t going away any time soon, so you might as well get comfy. We found face masks for everyone.

Acne-prone skin

There’s no question that face masks aren’t good for our skin, though they do save lives so it’s worth it. Fortunately, some face masks are better for acne-prone skin than others. Stay away from cloth masks made from polyester or other synthetic materials, as they trap bacteria within that hot environment. Disposable masks are a good option as long as you’re actually tossing them after each use. But your best options are natural fibers such as silk, cotton and bamboo. Try these:

The 100% Human Face Mask 5-Pack, $25 at


Feel like you can’t breathe when you pop on a face mask? You may be wearing one that’s not very breathable. You’ll want one that’s good for absorbing moisture and sweat … so grab a cotton mask. We found a few that are fitted at the nose to keep it from sticking to your face when you take deep breaths (these are also very helpful for anyone who exercises in their masks). Try these:

Made to move mask, 3 pack, $25 at


You’re around germy kids You’re gonna need some serious protective gear. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that nonmedical personnel wear nonmedical face masks. But some are more protective than others. A study from the University of Arizona found that wearing any mask is better than wearing nothing at all — it reduces infection by 24 to 94 percent. The N99 masks reduce risk by 94 to 99 percent, though they’re for medical professionals. The N95 and surgical masks, along with vacuum filters, reduce your risk by 83 percent for a 30-second exposure, the study found. But essentially, the denser the fibers, the better the filter (look for higher thread counts). Least effective are cotton T-shirts and scarves. Try these:

Disposable surgical masks, made out of nonwoven fabric, 50-pack for $5 at

Protective Mask, $10 at

If you’re wearing glasses

As if wearing face masks wasn’t annoying enough, you now have to deal with glass fog. But it’s possible to avoid the foggy lenses if you find the right face masks. The reason why your glasses are fogging is because the warm air is escaping from the top of your mask and coating your glasses with the condensation. You’ll need to find a mask that’s tightly sealed around your nose and mask. Ideally, it should have a nose guard that will fit around the bridge of your nose, along with adjustable ear loops. Try these:

Triple layered fabric mask with filter pocket nose wire adjustable ear loops, 2 pack for $16 at

Caraa 5 Universal Masks, $25 at


Many will need to keep their masks clamped to their faces for eight hours a day. These masks will need to be ridiculously comfortable or else they’ll be useless. Translation: They should be adjustable, colorful and appealing. Rather than ear loops, opt for face masks with ties if you can find them, as these won’t irritate little ears. Try these:

Made in USA washable reusable kid dust cover scarf bandana with filter pocket, $10 at

Variety 5-Pack of Triple-Layer Cloth Face Masks for Kids, $12.50 at


This one is tough. You want sweat wicking, you want breathable, you want comfort, and you don’t want anything that will add additional heat when you’re already at an elevated temperature. Since sweat may remove that precious seal, you will need a mask specifically made for sweating. It should have a tight seal. Try these:

Sports mask, $25 at

Face Mask Kit, $20 at


You can look great and wear a mask — simultaneously. Designers like Fendi, Gucci and Marine Serre have gotten into the mask-making game. There are also masks that spread messages of love and peace, and plenty of those can be found on Etsy; there are toile face masks; and there are even sweet Cynthia Rowley floral face masks. Try these:

Tory Burch printed face mask, 5 for $35 at