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The Best Men's Beauty Products That Women Can (And Should) Use

We've rounded up our favorites. And you're going to love them.

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man applying shaving cream to his face
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Sometimes, life is unfair. For seemingly no reason whatsoever, some soaps, deodorants, razors and creams are marketed to women — and others are deemed “men’s products.”

Women spend an average of $1,300 more annually for the same products that men buy, according to a 2010 Consumer Reports study, which found that equivalent products marketed toward women cost more.

Even more unfair: Some of those men’s products are far superior to ours. It’s time to change the narrative. Here are some beauty and grooming products marketed toward men that every gender should be using. 

Clinique For Men Super Energizer Anti-Fatigue Depuffing Eye Gel

They make a women’s version of this for — shockingly — the same price (kudos for this!), and we’ve tried both. There are a few things we love about the roller under-eye products: They are cool to touch, which instantly calms the skin under your eyes, softening it and making it look less puffy. But the men’s formula is a gel, which is a silkier texture than the women’s serum. The gel works so well under makeup, is smooth and settles into the skin quickly. Both work, but we felt like the men’s version was more effective. $35 at

Barbasol Shaving Cream 

We had been using Skintimate shaving gel ($3 for 7 ounces) since we learned to shave. Well, until trying Barbasol (10.5 ounces). The Barbasol cream doesn’t smell like raspberries (it has more of a “clean” scent). But it’s thicker, more soothing — and we got fewer nicks when using it. And at more than $1 savings per can, we were sold. $1.69 at

Degree Men Deodorant

Until running out of deodorant, we would never have considered trying the man’s version of this one. But one day, we had none and there was a Degree men’s deodorant in the medicine cabinet — so we stumbled upon a beautiful accident. This stuff is miraculous. It is so much more powerful than the woman’s formula, taking us through a 60-minute Peloton workout without batting an eyelash. Translation: We smelled perfectly fine after a seriously intense workout that would have left our female formula panting — in a bad odor sort of way. $4.50 for two at

Clinique For Men Oil Control Mattifying Moisturizer 

To say we’ve tried every moisturizer ever made isn’t much of an understatement, as we’re skin-care junkies. So trust us when we say that this one is incredible if you have oily skin. We switch to it every summer because it moisturizes while leaving our skin matte and primed. It’s also great for acne-prone skin. On the days we can convince our preteen daughter to use it (she’s reluctant, as it’s unfortunately marketed toward men), we can see her skin improving. $31 at

Disco Face Mask

All of Disco’s products were made for men by a dermatologist. But that doesn’t mean they’re not also good for ladies and nonbinary royalty. This face mask has a charcoal base, so it truly clears out your skin. It is free from bad chemicals, vegan, cruelty free and fantastic for acne. $34 at

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash

Marketed as an energizing and efficient gel face wash — complete with caffeine — this product is an incredibly deep cleanser. Men’s skin tends to be thicker than women’s — so perhaps that’s why it’s so strong? Regardless, we found this to be incredibly effective for removing dirt and makeup. Plus, it has vitamin E, so it’s not drying at all. $24 at