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Turn Clutter To Cash: 8 Apps To Help You Sell Your Stuff

What’s really under all those dust bunnies is … Cold. Hard. Cash.

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An image of a cluttered house.
Chris Crisman
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If you’re like me, when you have something you don’t need or want right now (but might someday?), you toss it into the nearest storage space — which for me, is my attic. When you replace a pillow or rug or lamp, you can’t possibly throw the old one away, so it languishes in the land of misfit stuff.

But I’m here to tell you that what’s really under all those dust bunnies is … Cold. Hard. Cash.

For most, that’s an effective motivator to clean house. But maybe it’s still hard for you. The Art of Feng Shui says things in your attic keep you from moving toward your future. Getting rid of unwanted clutter has a calming effect on your psyche. If that’s still not enough to get you going, think of something you really want to buy and imagine the only way to get it is with the money you make emptying the attic.

Selling things online is not complicated — eBay is great, but apps have come a long way!
If you’re unsure of how much to ask for, compare your item to other similar things you see for sale online. Or, take 85 percent off of what you paid for it if it’s still in good condition.

Remember, we want to clean out so we can clean up. When you go online to sell things, don’t get sucked into buying something you don’t need!

Billed as the “biggest mobile marketplace for local buyers and sellers,” you can sell almost anything with this app. It’s user-friendly and has a reputation and safety features for more secure transactions.

This is another heavy hitter for local buying/selling apps. LetGo allows you to upload videos as well as photos. It’s also a little more high-tech, with image recognition and artificial intelligence that can help you label and tag your items.

What about that pile of your son’s old X-box equipment? Or your once-beloved CD and DVD collection? Decluttr will buy your old tech (video games, smartphones, Apple products, Kindles and more). Scan the barcode on each item and they’ll make you an instant offer. If you accept it, they’ll send you a prepaid packing slip. Once the item checks out and they confirm your item, they transfer money into your PayPal account. Easy-peasy.

Everything you buy or sell is within five miles of you. Use their Safe Area Exchange Locator to find a secure transaction spot. FYI: Their listings also include services, real estate and jobs.

This app is mostly for old textbooks, but they also buy regular books. Scan the book’s barcode and, like Decluttr, they’ll send you an instant offer. If you accept, they’ll pay for you to ship it to them and then transfer the money to you via check or PayPal.

Trove Marketplace
This app is fun for fans of antique and vintage furniture, décor and other secondhand stuff. Imagine a digital garage sale. There are fun ways to interact with other buyers and sellers, and Trove helps you accept credit card payment.

This is a really visual, international, online flea market. Use this app to list your eclectic, unusual items; vintage clothing and jewelry; and more in your own “Depop shop.”

This “virtual garage sale” is the only app “based on 100 percent real identity — everyone goes through a manual review process before they’re allowed to buy or sell.” If you’d find it at a garage sale, you’ll find it here online.

Holly Hurd is the founder of, a digital platform dedicated to helping women make their own money by becoming entrepreneurs. She created VentureMom Marketplace to showcase women-owned businesses, products and services.