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To Uber Or Not To Let Them Uber ... That Is The Question

Should you let your kids take the risk?

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Woman sitting in the back seat of an Uber with headphones on
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You’re pulled in 1,000 directions and one tap on the Uber app could make it all so much easier. It’s oh so tempting, but are you ready to let your kiddo ride with friends or alone — or maybe not at all? We asked your fellow Girlfriends on Facebook what works for them and heard from moms on both sides of the fence:

Do you let your kids take Uber? If so, at what age and do you have any Uber rules for them?

Myrta F Not only do I let them — I encourage it! While they are both away at school I would much rather have them use Uber than drive. Plus, I have the "family plan" so I can see when they get picked up, dropped off, how long they were there, and what time they get home. Yes, I also pay for it ... sigh ...

Liz W Before my 16-year-old got his license, he would take Uber to work and swim practice because I can’t be at 5 places at once. Those were the only trips he could use it for. And quite frankly, I feel more relaxed with him using Uber over actually driving.

Tina T Why would ANYONE let their kids Uber or take a taxi without them??! I bought a bigger vehicle to haul my kids and their friends around because it was MY responsibility to get them where they were going. It’s what parents do!

Cindy N When my son got his license I downloaded the app on his phone. I told him that he will face tough tough choices and peer pressure to drink. If he ever found himself in a situation that he made the wrong choice or if he rode with a friend that made the wrong choice this was his backup plan in case he couldn't get in touch with his parents.

Tina C A young minor riding alone in a car with a complete stranger (most often male)?? Hell no! My daughter and I take Lyft together and I'm sure she is more than capable of doing it herself, but it's the driver that should not be trusted.

Elizabeth B YES! We prefer Lyft. I think the age depends on the child and how savvy and self- reliant your child is AND if they will be using the service alone and in what setting. Most kids are capable of using by 14.

Liza B Hell to the NO I was tootsie taxi until my daughter was able to obtain her license or her friends got theirs … what's wrong with you people … I'm baffled !!!

Alessandra G My daughter is 16 and I just started letting her use Uber to get from her school to my job twice a week so we can go to choir together. She changed schools and is not studying close by anymore. An app shows me when she leaves the school and follows her through her trip to my job. I DON'T let her use Uber to go out, I drop [her] off and pick her up so she knows I know where she's at, who she's with and [to] be responsible.

Bernadette C The first time was when my son was 16 and it was only under 5 miles, he was working late and needed a ride home.