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Kelli’s Story: “My Husband’s Death Gave Me A New Lease On Life”

After her husband's death, the hardest part was telling her children that their father was gone. As time went on, though, she somehow picked herself up and got on with her life. She says it's hard to remember the woman she was before her loss. How did she do it?

A year ago, Kelli lost her husband to cancer after a 2 1/2 year battle. He was only 41. The mother of three says she’s a totally different person today than she was before he died. “I don’t even know if she still exists,” she says.

How did she get on with her life? How did she discover new passions? How did she move forward?

Watch Kelli's video on The Girlfriend to find out.

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AARP, The GIrlfriend, True Confessions