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When To Brexit Your Marriage

Like our English cousins, do you sometimes feel like kicking your partner to the curb?

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Policy differences. Money arguments. Who has the real power? British voters decided to kick the European Union to the curb last year over reasons like this. Not so very different than what makes people wonder whether their most significant relationship should break up. Here’s some ripped-from-the-headlines advice to consider if you are wondering if it’s time to Brexit your marriage.

How Much Do You Have In Common?

Are you on the same side when it comes to your interests, your needs, your friends? Or are you squabbling over how much time you spend in the office and how much time he spends in the pub? Establishing personal space and time is vital to keeping your own identity. But if you didn’t even want to watch Downton Abbey together, it may be time to say cheerio.

Who’s Got the Power?

The Brits , who voted to go, say they didn’t want to be told what to do in their own space by others. Closer to home: Do you two compromise on domestic policies or does he think he should be the boss of you, the kids, darn near everything? If it’s his way or the highway, maybe you really should think about hitting the road.

In for a Penny, in for a Pound?

Money, old chum, is always the problem. When it comes to finances there are two ways to go—merge, or keep yours to yourself. If on the money front you aren’t all in, it could be a sign that like the Brits, who never bought into that whole euro thing, you are hedging your bets on whether this is a union for a lifetime.

Give Yourself a Deadline 

The UK has two years to finalize their decision and hash out terms. If a country can hammer out a new relationship in that time, you can figure out if yours is worth saving. So set a deadline, make real changes, and see if you’re happier. If not, call for a  referendum though the results could surprise you. Ask Theresa May.  

Decision: Stay or Leave

Most relationships have rocky patches when the parties don’t see eye-to-eye. But bailing is no easy decision as our English cousins are learning. On one hand there’s independence and self-reliance. On the other, there’s economic insecurity and social instability. Will a big breakup leave you isolated and vulnerable? Or stronger and more in control? The UK's relationship with the European Union was always an awkward marriage of convenience rather than a case of true love. What's yours? In the end, assess your options, stay calm and just carry on.