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5 Super Smart Antiaging Tips For Your Hands

And they don't involve slathering on the hand cream!

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Woman in blue robe applying hand cream in the bathroom
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You’re dedicated to keeping the skin on your face and neck free of fine lines and wrinkles, but what about your hands? As it turns out, the skin on your hands can be one of the first areas to display signs of aging. The wrinkles on your hands, though, aren’t the only things that can tell your age. Like your face, your hands are prone to age spots, sunspots, scaly patches and overall loss of elasticity and fullness. With this mind — and considering the multiple washings our hands go through daily — it’s safe to say our hands could use some love.

Below, find five antiaging tips to incorporate into your routine today that don’t just involve slathering on the hand cream.

Wear SPF on your hands

You apply it to your face daily and your body when you hit the beach, but it’s equally as important to apply SPF 30 to your hands to prevent wrinkles. Experts agree that the best SPF formula to purchase is one that you’ll actually use. So if you wash your hands frequently, for example, you’ll be more likely to use a formula that boasts hydrating benefits to avoid drying out your hands.

Use cuticle oils regularly

Aside from wrinkles and age spots, remember that hangnails, dryness, tearing and cracking can contribute to the appearance of aging hands. Cuticle oils work by hydrating both your nails and cuticle area, protecting against damage and encouraging nail growth. Bonus points: They also help your manicure last longer. Avoid the look of unkempt cuticles by applying a light layer of oil once a day. Try Tenoverten’s Rose Oil, which works to rejuvenate damaged cuticles with nourishing ingredients like jojoba seed and argan oil. Another option is Rose Essential Oil from Sefudun.

Wear moisturizing gloves to bed

Hand cream may be a bedside staple, but if you’re really looking to stop hand aging in its tracks, kick things up a notch and wear moisturizing gloves to bed. The process is simple: After applying your moisture-rich hand cream, slip on a pair of moisturizing gloves to lock in the hydration and allow for better penetration. Moisturizing gloves not only increase product absorption, but also keep the hand cream where it belongs (on your hands) rather than rubbing off on your sheets or pillow.

Exfoliate twice a week

Just like the skin on your face requires exfoliation to bring fresh, new cells to the surface, the skin on your hands need the same attention to look younger. Exfoliate your hands three to four times a week if you notice they’re on the drier side; this will help stimulate circulation and remove dead skin cells.

Wear driving gloves

Unlike your body (which is covered by clothing and thus protected from the sun), the backs of your hands are exposed to the sun all day. And while wearing SPF on your hands is a surefire way to ward off signs of aging, if you spend a lot of time in the car driving gloves offer another layer of protection. These types of gloves are often made with sun-protective fabric to keep your hands shielded from damaging UV rays. Plus, you can pop them on when you’re going for a walk, hike or bike ride.