Here Are The Various Ways AARP Is Fighting For You
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You're Reading 6 Ways AARP Is Fighting For You

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Jade Schulz
Jade Schulz

6 Ways AARP Is Fighting For You

You may be surprised.

AARP is on the front lines every day working to champion the rights of its more than 38 million members. From Fraud Watch tools to protecting Medicare benefits to keeping drug costs down, AARP has got your back. It also has leverage.

Jade Schulz

  • Social Security. This is something that's a few years off for most of us, but it's still good to know that AARP fights to preserve Social Security. Plus, AARP answers all your questions in the AARP Social Security Resource Center, designed to help you determine the benefits you're eligible for, when you can get them, and how much you and your family can receive. Get access to practical information on how to steer through the paperwork — or click through the web pages — to receive the help you need from the Social Security Administration.
  • Medicare benefits. While some legislators talk about benefit cuts for seniors, we’re talking about protecting the benefits millions of older adults rely on. Medicare is more than a line on a budget balance sheet — millions of Americans rely on Medicare benefits to make ends meet. Become involved and tell your members of Congress to get to work for the American people by protecting Medicare from cuts!
Jade Schulz

  • The facts on fraud. AARP Fraud Protection offers important tips on how to spot and avoid scams like identity theft, investment fraud and holiday scams. It’s easy to sign up for Watchdog Alerts and a scam-tracking map that provides real-time alerts from law enforcement in your state. Call the free hotline if you or a loved one suspects a scam. The AARP weekly podcast The Perfect Scam profiles America’s biggest scam stories.
  • A healthy dose of reality. AARP believes no one should have to choose between buying medicine and buying food. Exorbitant drug prices push life-saving treatments out of reach for those who need them. The United States has some of the highest prescription drug prices in the world so drug companies can make billions. AARP thinks it’s time for Congress to take action to protect older adults and all taxpayers from price gouging by drug companies. Get involved and tell your legislators to support commonsense solutions to lower drug prices today.
Jade Schulz

  • Caregiving help. The Prepare to Care: A Resource Guide for Families was developed by AARP to help make the job of caregiver more manageable. It includes information on how to have vital conversations with older family members, organize important documents, assess your loved one's needs and locate important resources. The Military Caregiving Guide for veterans service members and their families provides caretakers with essential information needed for this extremely demanding role. Caring for wounded, ill or injured service members or veterans may be the hardest job you’ll ever take on. This guide covers some of the hurdles you may face along with help that is available. The AARP Family Caregiving website ( is a one-stop shop for tools and tips.
  • Hard work for older workers. The federal government should live up to its legal obligation to protect its older employees and job applicants from age discrimination, AARP Foundation argues in a brief filed in September in a case the U.S. Supreme Court will hear this fall. The case, involving a pharmacist at a Veterans Affairs (VA) medical center in Bay Pines, Florida, started when the employee was denied several promotions, allegedly due to her age. The court will decide whether federal employees pursuing age discrimination claims have to prove that were it not for their age, their employer would not have disadvantaged (that is, fired, refused to hire or failed to promote) them. Plus, AARP has career resources, tools, and more. Get access to jobs searches and positions for experienced workers, and learn easy ways to stay current with changing technology.

    Did you know AARP membership provides instant access to hundreds of carefully chosen benefits Just $12 the first year with automatic renewal and $16 after that. Plus, you may find that using a single member benefit covers the entire cost of membership. Membership also includes a subscription to AARP’s bi-monthly magazine and a free gift.

    Learn more about joining AARP.
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