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How To Bag 20 Beauty And Style Freebies

Tired of the subscription box trends?

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illustration of women in beauty store trying on different products
Hye Jin Chung
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The Girlfriend is celebrating its 100th issue today! And we couldn't have done it without you. So we're rolling out 100 things you can get for free in 2019. Enjoy! Because everybody needs a Girlfriend.

Had enough of the subscription box trend? Here are 20 ways to get more beauty and style items for free — or nearly free.

1. Not only is veteran cosmetic company Olay known for handing out free samples at its department store counters, but the company also mails out samples via its website. Simply fill out the sign-up form to join Club Olay. In exchange for handing over a few personal details, you'll be added to Olay's mailing list to receive offers and free samples of new products.

2. Allure also offers free beauty items for you to test at home as part of its Try It program. Just input a few details to receive makeup and hair-care products by mail.

3. Smashbox Beauty Cosmetics offers a wide array of samples either for free or for a small fee with any purchase. Samples range from makeup bags to eye shadow duos to lipsticks. The products are definitely worth checking out.

4. Redbook magazine invites you to join its Club Red to receive discount offers and giveaways from sponsors and to sample new products. You'll just need to input your email address and mailing address.

5. Aveda serves as another fairly steady source of free-item offers. For example, currently any $40 purchase will get you four samples of your choosing. In addition, those who sign up to receive the company's latest news and exclusive offers will enjoy 15 percent off their first purchase.

6. Influenster is a product review platform for consumers. Sign up on the home page and you'll soon receive offers by email, event invites and freebies. The site's ongoing list of recent reviews of a variety of products is also interesting to peruse.

7. Sephora stores are notoriously good at giving out free samples of products, when asked. On the website, you're also allowed to select up to two free samples when you place an order. These samples include everything from clay masks to lipsticks to sunscreen.

8. Who doesn't like free perfume? Create an account with the fragrance store Ulta and indicate your willingness to get free mailings. Each month you'll receive a free catalog that usually includes free perfume samples.

9. Believe it or not, you can still find free perfume samples in lots of women's and fashion magazines. If you pick up a magazine, make sure to flip through the pages to seek out the samples.

10. Rather than free samples, Clinique is well-known for the gifts it gives out when you make a purchase. For example, right now you get to pick out five free items when you make a $45 purchase. And you get a free tote bag with a $65 purchase.

11. Join the ELLE Inner Circle for the chance to try a variety of product samples and to share your opinion about them.

12. Nordstrom department store salespeople will often give you a few samples if you are interested in trying a product. In addition, you get to choose three free samples when you make a purchase online of a skin-care, fragrance, grooming or makeup item.

13. Many beauty and fashion brands give out free birthday gifts. But beware: You usually have to sign up for a free loyalty program in order to participate. Brands include Aveda, The Body Shop and Lancome.

14. Sign up for the Marie Claire Velvet Rope Club and you'll get access to special offers and insider events. You'll also have access to free beauty products, such as lipstick and mascara. And you won't even be asked to review them afterward.

15. L'Oréal offers you the chance to test out free L'Oréal products. Just sign up for an account. You will be asked to review the products after you've tested them.

16. Through Toluna Influencers, you have the ability to try not just sample-sized products, but full-sized products, from the likes of Mabelline and Nivea. Apparently, the more detailed your product reviews, the more likely you are to be sent more free items to try.

17. Join InStyle's exclusive online community to share your insights and preferences on a variety of style and beauty topics. You'll also have the opportunity to evaluate brand-new products and to give your feedback to InStyle. In addition, each time you complete a survey or a product review, you'll automatically be entered into a sweepstakes for the chance to win prizes.

18. Sign up with PINCHme and get not just one sample but a whole box of free samples every month. You have to review the samples to get more. You also have to fill out a Member Profile so that they know what kind of free samples you might like to try.

19. CrowdTap is a platform that gives you the opportunity to answer questions and share your opinion to earn rewards, gift cards and free product samples.

20. If you want the chance to try out apparel and shoes, you can try and become a Brooks product tester. Just fill out a profile on either site, and they'll let you know whether you make the cut. If you do, you'll be asked to review products.

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