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Life Coaches Share Their Very Best Life Advice

And you don't even have to pay for it!

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Ania Siniuk
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Life doesn’t come with a manual, but life coaches can help. Part therapist, at times career coach, helper with obstacles and everything in between, a life coach can assist whenever you’re stuck. But sometimes life is so stressful and hectic that we don’t even have time to spare for a life coach. We get it. That’s why we contacted a bunch of our favorite life coaches and got right down to business, asking each one to simply give us their very best advice.

Eva Rodriguez, a certified life and weight-loss coach

Your thoughts are the most powerful tool you have to change your entire life. Your thoughts literally create the results you have. If you want different results, you need to change your thoughts. This doesn’t mean you need to think happy thoughts all the time — that’s unrealistic. When you’re trying to change a negative or disempowering thought, instead of trying to force yourself into thinking positively or finding the silver lining, just aim for neutral. Trying to jump from one extreme to the next doesn’t feel natural and creates cognitive dissonance.

Leah Mazur, certified divorce recovery coach

Embrace being alone. Fear of being alone is one of the most common reasons I see people settling in relationships. I was one of those people and wound up with a second divorce as a result. When you can learn how to enjoy your own company, fill your own cup and create a life that you love and that feels good to you, you won’t feel like you need a relationship. That’s the key. Wanting a relationship is one thing, but when you feel like you can’t feel whole without one, your dating intentions may need a slight readjustment. You want to make sure you’re building relationships based on love and true compatibility, not fear.

Laura Machny, spiritual life coach, certified Reiki practitioner and tantra teacher

The most important thing anyone can do to experience more joy and fulfillment in any area of their lives in to prioritize self-care and pleasure. Do the things you enjoy more often and let yourself feel good. Also, ask yourself regularly if the thing you are currently focusing your time and energy on in your life is actually what you truly want. If yes, fully commit to it and go all in. If no, choose differently until it is a yes.

Meg Tudman, life coach

We give our power away when we prioritize what others think of us over what we believe about ourselves. What other people say and do is always more a reflection of them, their perspective and what’s happening for them than you. Their opinions are not an accurate reflection of you because they’re not living your life. I invite you to create an opinion of yourself that is rooted in your reality, your positive mindset and your values. That will empower you to handle any external criticism or lack of approval with strength and grace.

Melissa Waugh, lead health coach at Relish Life

No matter what your desires, hopes, dreams or goals are, just take one small step toward them. One small step is better than no steps. Aim really low and do one small thing. The small thing shouldn’t feel overwhelming: It should be easy, and you should be able to achieve it within two minutes. The sense of achievement we receive after completing this task is the biggest reward. This is how momentum builds, and we start taking more steps toward our goals. For example, if your goal is to run a 5K or even a marathon but you have been a couch dweller for many years, you can’t just get up and run that distance. Maybe your first step is to pull out your running clothing and shoes, and to place them in a pile by your bed. Then you’ll become ready to take the next step. Maybe that is to put on the clothes and shoes and go for a 5-minute walk.

Jasmin Bristow, mental health and well-being coach

Embrace the process of change. We know from the neuroscience of neuroplasticity that change is possible. However, change and achieving our goals will not likely happen overnight. When we acknowledge that change is a process, it creates space to give ourselves some grace when we mess up. Nothing will derail your change efforts faster than having unreasonable or unattainable expectations of yourself.

Jennifer Wisniewski, business and life strategist

Helping my clients find perspective when navigating perceived challenges is a very effective tool they can use throughout their life. The best advice I can give them is a question they need to ask themselves, which is: Will this matter in five years? If the answer is yes, it requires your energy and attention. If the answer is no, it doesn’t require your energy and attention. As humans, I feel we struggle with giving our attention to a false narrative or ego-based fears. Most of our problems are simply made up. This question is a quick and easy way for people to stop obsessing about things that don’t matter, and to focus on what does.

What's the very best advice you've ever received? Let us know in the comments below.

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