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Our Favorite Food Tours And Culinary Vacations

Love to cook? Love to eat? Then you're going to love these.

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Travel is a wonderful way to get to know different cultures — the history, the landscapes, and most importantly, the food. Food is so intertwined with travel that bringing home a new recipe is like bringing home a little piece of the place itself. If you love cooking, baking or eating delicious food, here are five tasty tours you won’t want to miss. They offer unique opportunities and an authentic look at dining in the country you are visiting (without breaking the bank!).

King Arthur Baking School

Justin Cash/King Arthur Baking School

I first became intrigued by the idea of combining baking and travel during the pandemic. I couldn’t travel, so I doubled down on baking. I became a sourdough bread fanatic and I know I’m not alone. My lifeline was the King Arthur Kitchen. I read the blogs, watched their online classes, and then learned about the King Arthur Baking School.

There are two locations: The Bread Lab in Skagit Valley, Washington, and their original kitchen in Norwich, Vermont. Classes range from a few hours to three days. You can learn techniques for baking the best sourdough bread with the half-day Magic of Wild Yeast: Sourdough class or immerse yourself in a three-day French Pastry Intensive. The courses include all equipment, tools, and ingredients. Prices range from $110 for a half-day to $500 for three-day classes. If you are not up for travel but want to learn baking secrets from home, they offer virtual courses on many topics and have an informative blog and an online chat for baker support. Ready, set, BAKE!

Eating Europe Food Tours & Immersive Culinary Experiences

courtesy Eating Europe

If you are more interested in eating rather than cooking, then Eating Europe has you covered. Tours led by local guides take you from markets to bakeries as you learn how food and culture combine. From Wine Caves in Porto to a VIP Golf Cart Food Tour in Rome, Eating Europe will introduce you to hidden gems in the cities you visit. Their tours are 3.5 to 4 hours long and cost around $100-$150. They also offer private tours and team-building events for businesses.

Secret Food Tours

courtesy Secret Food Tours

If you like going behind the scenes when you travel, take a look at Secret Food Tours. They go off the beaten path, where you dine with locals and discover authentic cuisine. There are tours in over 60 cities, from an Urban Wine Tasting Tour in Barcelona to a Tokyo Food Tour. Some destinations also include cultural excursions to give more insight into the area you are visiting. Half-day tours range from $50 to $150 with small groups and several stops along the way. Wherever your travels take you, start with a Secret Food Tour for a look behind the curtain.

Road Scholar

Alyssa Bichunsky/Road Scholar

Road Scholar offers 5,500 learning adventures that combine travel and education in 150 countries. Although they cater to travelers over 50, there is no age restriction. Nearly 70 percent of Road Scholars are women. Join the Women of Road Scholar Facebook group to connect with other women participating in the programs. You can browse programs by geographical location, activity level, or hobbies and interests. Their Food and Wine trips include everything from the Republic of Georgia: Tbilisi Winelands & Highlands to California Vegetarian Cuisine, which starts at $1299 for the six-day experience. They offer financial assistance for educators and caregivers, and scholarships are available.

Cooking Vacations

Lauren A. Birmingham/Cooking Vacations

For an all-inclusive food tour, Cooking Vacations focuses on Italy and provides hands-on cooking classes in Italy’s 20 regions. You can really deep dive into a particular area of the country. Their most popular tour, the Secret Garden Positano on the Amalfi coast, emphasizes the best techniques for eating a healthy Mediterranean diet. Want to learn farm (or sea)-to table cooking? They will tailor the classes to your liking. The eight-day package includes cooking classes, olive oil tasting, and excursions to Amalfi, Capri and Pompeii for $3195.

Connecting with other cultures through food is a delicious way to experience a new place and develop savory memories. These tours will deepen your experience in a region without costing an arm and a leg — and provide insight you might not otherwise obtain. You certainly won’t go hungry on these adventures! Tell us about your favorite cooking adventure in the comments below.

Have you ever taken a cooking vacation or gone on a food tour? Let us know in the comments below.


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