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13 Things I Will Always Buy At The Dollar Store — Even When I'm A Zillionaire

I'm seriously hooked!

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Things I will always buy at the dollar store kitchen supplies paper plates make up brushes dollar bill
The Girlfriend Staff
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OK, I’m seriously hooked on shopping at dollar stores. Once you discover the savings, it’s hard to pay regular prices. states there are just over 30,000 dollar stores in the United States. So there is a way to save, probably nearby you now.

Occasionally, I do spend a dollar on a lottery ticket. Who knows? I could be the next zillionaire. Even if I were busy pulling my super yacht into the dock, I still would find time to stock up on stuff at the dollar stores!

Here are some of my must-buy items, whether I’m in my favorite stores or one that is brand new to me.

Office supplies
Without a doubt, this is a huge money saver! Look at some items that you use all the time, like envelopes or index cards. Shop for items your kids use — such as tape, electronic calculators, pencils and pens. Pro tip: The hardest time to find what you want is back-to-school season.

Gift wrap
You don’t just save money at holiday times; think about all those birthday gifts! Buying rolls of gift wrap, gift bags and tissue paper adds up. Pro tip: During the winter holiday season, you’ll find items like boxes, tissue paper and stick-on bows that you can use year round.

Holiday decorations
Warning! You can really start to feel like a kid in a candy store with birthday money when buying holiday decorations at the dollar store. Your usual holiday decor budget will keep stretching! Pro tip: Holiday decor will be snapped up, so buy what you need as quickly as you can.

Halloween costumes
I don’t think most people know about this opportunity to save. You are not going to find every costume on your wish list, but there are many here for kids and adults. Pro tip: Go back in a couple of days for a second look if you don’t see the costume you want the first time.

Simple kitchen tools
If your good ol’ spatula has called it quits, get one for $1! You’ll find dollar stores usually carry many items from a brand, so it is easy to buy potholders that match the towels. Pro tip: Going to housewarming and bridal shower parties? Kitchen-item gift baskets make adorable presents.

Sponges and scrubbers
Why are you spending $7 for a package of sponges, when sponges you bought for $1 can clean it up, too? If you still want to spend that much, please give me the $6! Pro tip: See a specific type or brand you love? Stock up.

Paper plates and cups, plastic silverware
I don’t use these items often, but this is my automatic go-to place. You’ll often find a great variety, too, so if your child wants a pony-themed party — they’ve got the plates, cups and napkins at just $1 each! Pro tip: Seasonal paper goods go fast, so spend that $1 on it now.

Kids’ coloring and activity books
You know kids like to have fun. It’s always helpful to have a couple of big coloring books or activity books on hand. Pro tip: If your child loves cats or princesses and you see a coloring book with them, pick it up even if you didn’t plan on buying that.

Beauty tools
Most likely, if you looked in my makeup bag you’d know I’m no beauty vlogger! You’ll find all of the basic tools here that would easily cost $5 to $10 per item elsewhere. That includes makeup sponges, cosmetic brushes and manicure tools. Pro tip: Some of these items can be the perfect “just because” gift.

Basic sewing supplies
Most of us know how to sew on a button or fix a hem. You can find sewing needles, buttons and other items perfect to keep in your bag for those “in case” times. Pro tip: Do you have a child who is a recent college grad? Giving them these items ensures they make a good presentation.

Mylar and helium balloons
Surprised? Most dollar stores have about 20 to 30 balloons from which to select. Balloons can make a party special! Pro tip: You want balloons for a big holiday … and so do other people. Get the balloons a day or two ahead so you get best picks.

Hair accessories
Here you can save serious cash. No, you’re not going to find a ceramic hair-straightening iron, but you will see hairbrushes in many shapes and sizes, barrettes, ponytail holders, scrunchies and more. Pro tip: Before taking your teenage daughter to the mall, bring her to the dollar store.

Surprise items
In dollar stores sometimes you’ll see items that just didn’t sell other places. There won’t be huge quantities. If you go regularly, you’ll get to know when something new is there. Pro tip: Remember, it’s only a bargain if you’re going to use it or give it as a gift.

Here’s hoping my lucky lottery numbers “hit.” Until then, everything I need is at the dollar store!