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4 Reasons Why Introverts Make The Best Friends

Read on to find out if you agree.

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illustration of introvert friends laying on floor talking and eating ramen noodles
María Hergueta
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I recently went to dinner with a close friend I've known for over 20 years. She is a bona fide introvert who rarely goes out, so I'm always grateful to spend hours catching up with her at one of our favorite restaurants.

I have many introverted friends, and I love spending time with them. We meet for coffee or dinner at a quiet location, relax in the comfort of one of our homes, or go for long walks when the weather is nice. Whatever we end up doing, it’s always rewarding because we dive into meaningful conversation in a comfortable environment with the sole purpose of enjoying each other’s company. I look forward to our quality time because I know it will be relaxing and restorative.

I've been drawn to introverts my whole life because they have a calming energy that soothes my spirit and settles my soul. I tend to be high-strung, distracted and anxious —my beloved introverted friends anchor me with their peaceful presence. I also appreciate my extroverted friends, who bring so much fun, laughter and energy into my life while gently pushing me out of my comfort zone to try new experiences.

I am an ambivert, possessing both personality traits at different times, which is probably why I appreciate both types of friends. While I’m very outgoing around people, I have limited social energy and desperately need my alone time for quiet contemplation. I am uncomfortable attending large social events and prefer one-on-one time with my friends or smaller groups with people I know well. Maybe that’s why I enjoy my awesome introverted friends and why I've always found them to have the following strengths:

My introverted friends are the best listeners.

I can count on my introverted friends to listen carefully when talking to them. They easily focus on the conversation, always giving me their undivided attention. They thoughtfully process the details I share and respond with diligent intention. I entrust my introverted friends with my private issues because they are sympathetic, caring, trustworthy and wise. I feel safe and secure enough to be vulnerable and honest with these friends because they are never judgmental, critical or deceptive. After spending time with my introverted friends, I’m always fulfilled by our conversation. I hope they feel the same when they share their personal lives with me.

They are patient and flexible.

Whenever I spend time with my introverted friends, they know I will engage with everyone around us because I love interacting with people. I start conversations with servers at restaurants or coffee shops and say hello to passersby. It’s my natural instinct to socialize with others as my quiet, introverted friends calmly smile and wait patiently for me to redirect my attention back to us. When I am frazzled and overwhelmed, my introverted friends let me unravel my racing thoughts and process them aloud while they patiently wait to respond. They are also very flexible, always willing to adjust and adapt to any changes in our plans because they are considerate and accommodating.

They give great advice.

Because my introverted friends listen so well and are deep thinkers, they give thoughtful, wise and helpful advice. They are cautious when sharing their opinions as they are sensitive to other people’s needs. I’m always grateful to receive their assurance, guidance, insight and encouragement whenever we hash out the details of my complicated life situations. I love how they’re never impulsive or reckless with their words. I trust that the counsel they offer has been thought through with careful consideration and respectful intention. I try to offer them the same insightful and compassionate advice they give me.

They are loyal.

I’ve had close friendships with my introverted friends for decades, some even longer. Each of them is committed to keeping our relationship going through all the different seasons of our lives. We’ve seen each other through major life transitions, stressful situations, exciting changes and significant accomplishments. I can always count on them to celebrate good news with me and dive into life’s hardships with unwavering support. They are fully invested in our friendship, no matter how much time has passed since we’ve connected. My introverted friends are steadfast and dependable, and I am deeply grateful to extend the same devotion to them.

Are most of your friends introverts or extroverts or a mix of both? Let us know in the comments below.

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