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The Girlfriend Spotlights Female Entrepreneurs

Tell us about your small business and how America can help support you!

As we all know, COVID-19 and the widespread lockdown have either completely decimated small businesses or left them on life support.

Female entrepreneurs — who make up 33 percent of America’s business owners with employees — have been hit particularly hard while struggling to pivot operations and also manage childcare needs.

As we strive to navigate this “new normal,” The Girlfriend would like to spotlight female small-business owners and the creative ways you are trying to stay afloat.

For example, we know that restaurants, fitness instructors, bakeries and many others have turned to curbside pickup and social media to make ends meet. But will it be enough?

Now, we want to hear about your side hustle and the innovative ways you’re adapting in order to survive.

Let The Girlfriend in on what you’re doing and how the public can support your business. We may be in touch with you about the possibility of featuring your story in a larger piece highlighting — and telling the country about — several women-owned small businesses.

You must own all rights to any photos/videos you share and The Girlfriend must be able to use your submission without restriction in all media.

Tell us your name, age, business name and location. And share what you are doing to stay in business. Email the information to and put "small business" in the subject line by Friday, May 22. The Girlfriend is all about women supporting women. We’d love to do all we can to help.

All the best,
The Girlfriend's Editor in Chief Shelley Emling

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