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3 Favorite Makeup Brands For Middle-Aged Women

These products will definitely accentuate your facial features.

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Florian Sommet/Trunk Archive
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Makeup is used to accentuate facial features, but that can get a little confusing as you age. The foundation that once made your skin look smooth and soft may now make it look more wrinkled and even cakey. While it may be annoying and frustrating at the moment, there are makeup products available specifically for individuals with mature skin.

“As you age, it’s common that skin loses firmness and elasticity while collagen production reduces and pores get larger,” says celebrity makeup artist Noelia Rodriguez. “Additionally, you might notice uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation and adult rosacea.”

The key to finding the right makeup for mature skin is to look for products with anti-aging and hydrating formulas. With that said, we’ve scoured the Internet for some of the best makeup brands for mature skin and here are our favorites:

Jones Road Beauty

Jones Road Beauty offers an extensive collection of makeup products for women of all ages from foundation and lipstick to eyeshadow and mascara. As mentioned above, mature skin needs some extra TLC, and the brand does that and more with its moisturizing ingredients and high-quality formulas.

All Jones Road Beauty products are made with some type of moisturizing ingredient, whether that’s jojoba oil or sodium hyaluronate, to give the skin a more supple feel while adding color, definition, and coverage without unwanted cakiness.

“Lightweight foundations and tinted moisturizers are the real MVPs! Just say “NO” to matte formulas,” says Rodriguez.

What The Foundation in Medium Honey (courtesy Jones Road)

The brand’s best-selling foundation, What The Foundation, combines tinted moisturizer and traditional foundation to create a natural, barely-there look and for those interested in a “no-makeup” makeup look. It’s available in 12 shades, suitable for most complexions and skin types.

To accentuate the eyes, opt for The Best Eyeshadow, a smooth, buttery powder that blends effortlessly into the skin.

“Choose soft, neutral tones that compliment your eye color and add depth without being overpowering,” says Rodriguez.

Finish it off with a few strokes of their vegan, cruelty-free mascara, and you’re all set to attack the day.

RMS Beauty

Since 2009, RMS Beauty has been on the cusp of developing clean beauty products for people of all ages, especially those with mature skin. RMS Beauty offers a wide selection of beauty products, from eyeshadows to setting powders. The brand stands out for its clean ingredients that not only offer fantastic results but also keep skin feeling and looking healthy.

Every product is different, but some key ingredients you’ll find in a handful of products include sunflower seed oil, rosehip oil, Kakadu plum, and candelilla wax. These ingredients work together to hydrate, moisturize, brighten, and soothe the skin.

When it’s time to conceal those under-eye circles or reduce the appearance of dark spots, the UnCoverup Concealer offers buildable coverage, won’t clog pores, and doesn’t dry out of the skin, so there’s no worry of creasing and caking around the eyes. It’s important to remember that a little product goes

Lip2Cheek in Spell (courtesy RMS Beauty)

a long way, especially with concealer, so don’t go overboard.

To add some rosiness to your cheeks, opt for the Lip2Cheek blush that nourishes and hydrates the skin with buriti oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter. Plus, it doubles as a lip tint, so you get two in one.

IT Cosmetics

Makeup brands that incorporate skincare ingredients into their products are at the top of the list for those best for mature skin. All of IT Cosmetics’ products have been developed with plastic surgeons and dermatologists to develop formulas that help resolve common skin concerns, including those associated with aging.

For example, the Bye Bye Lines Hyaluronic Acid Serum works to plump skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and hydrate skin. Another best-seller is the Naturally Pretty Eyeshadow, which is free from the ingredients that tend to make eyes look older and dull but instead contains those including hydrolyzed collagen, acai, green tea, and Vitamins A, C and E, which are beneficial for the eyelid and skin surrounding the eye. Additionally, many IT Cosmetics products contain SPF in the formula, so the skin will be protected from additional sun damage, making them ideal for mature skin.

What's YOUR favorite brand of makeup? Let us know in the comments below.

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