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This Is Something Momentous

A heartfelt thank you — to our fabulous Girlfriend community.

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This is a momentous occasion.

We are celebrating our fifth anniversary of The Girlfriend, which was published for the first time in July 2017. What with the pandemic, this now seems a lifetime ago. What started as a single, free weekly e-newsletter for women has ballooned into three free newsletter offshoots — Sisters From AARP, The Ethel, and The Arrow; a crazy active Girlfriend Book Club; a plethora of social channels; many awards; virtual events; a quarterly subscription box offering, the Relax & Radiate Crate; and so much more. First and foremost, The Girlfriend is a community — and a fun one at that.

One of the best things about my job as Executive Editor, Specialized Content at AARP is that I get to read so many engaging articles by some of the most talented writers I’ve ever known. Hundreds of people have contributed pieces to The Girlfriend, providing the lifeblood of the newsletter.

I wish there were a way to personally thank each and every one of them. But for now, I’ll have to simply use this space to call out 10 pieces of content you just should not miss. They are raw, funny, revealing and informative. I’ve also included the reasons WHY I love these pieces.

Thank you, readers, for being loyal and such an important part of The Girlfriend’s journey. You can always reach me with comments, questions and concerns at I can’t wait to see where we are and what we’re doing when celebrating our 10th anniversary — in five years.

Finally, a huge THANK YOU to all those who have helped make The Girlfriend so successful over the years: Sami Amad, Sherri Capers, Chris Coxen, Yodith Dammlash, Caitlin DeFlaviis, Kayla Flick, Jeanne Grinstead, Dian Holton, Claire Le Roy, Danielle Manion, Julie McGuire, Paola Sorto, Cielito Vivas, Helisa Whitley, Andrew Wishart, and Katrina Zook. And a special shoutout to our fearless and fabulous leader, Myrna Blyth.

Happy reading, friends!


P.S. First, please indulge me. I'm sharing a message I wrote in 2020 that I still think resonates today.

The One Thing This Girlfriend Editor Knows To Be True

And now, a few of my favorite Girlfriend articles:

My Beloved Dog’s Last Good Day (I dare you to read this without shedding a tear.)

The Toxic Phrase That Has to Die (We need to be lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down.)

The 5 Main Reasons Being in Your 50s Is So Fabulous (I’m in my 50s and, yes, I think it’s pretty fabulous.)

All About the Sexless Marriage (This topic continues to resonate with so many of our readers.)

What My Best Friend’s Death Taught Me About Life (Anyone who has lost a friend can relate.)

Don’t Have Any Close Friends? You’re Not Alone (So many readers email me to say how lonely they are.)

What Is the Meaning of Life? (I love this because it’s a topic we normally don’t cover.)

5 Beauty and Style Habits I No Longer Worry About (I love anything I no longer have to worry about — LOL!)

The Chicken Recipe That Will Bring On a Marriage Proposal — Really! (Am I the only one who didn’t know about this recipe?)

Oh No! I’ve Wasted the Pandemic! (So many people have told me the same.)