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40 Of The Most Amazing Girlfriend Stories You May Have Missed

We're celebrating our 200th Girlfriend issue!!

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Agata Nowicka
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We're celebrating our 200th issue of The Girlfriend, which was published for the very first time in July 2017. What with the pandemic, this now seems like a lifetime ago. What started as a single free weekly e-newsletter for women has ballooned into two free newsletter offshoots — Sisters and The Ethel — as well as a crazy active Girlfriend Book Club, a plethora of social channels, many awards, virtual events, a quarterly subscription box offering, The Relax & Radiate Crate, and so much more. First and foremost, The Girlfriend is a community — and a fun one at that.

One of the best things about my job as Executive Editor, Specialized Content at AARP is that I get to read so many engaging articles by some of the most talented writers I've ever known. Hundreds of people have contributed pieces to The Girlfriend, providing the lifeblood of the newsletter.

I wish there were a way to personally thank each and every one of them. But for now, I'll have to simply use this space to call out 40 pieces of content you just should simply not miss. They are raw, funny, revealing, informative. You're going to love them all.

Thank you readers for being loyal and for being such an important part of The Girlfriend's journey. I can't wait to see where we are and what we're all be doing when celebrating our 300th issue. Happy reading, friends!!

25 Thoughts We All Have At The Gynecologist's Office (By Christine Burke)

The Day I Stopped Being Attractive To Men (By Kristan Higgins)

Oh No! I've Wasted The Pandemic! (By Catherine Hiller)

The Perimenopausal Side Effect That Blindsided Me (By Melissa Fenton)

My Spouse And I Rarely Have Sex And We're Fine With That (By Anonymous)

What Happened Just 20 Minutes After I Got Married (By Tess Clarkson)

The Cult Beauty Products That Could Change Your Life (By Danielle Braff)

25 Mementos From The '90s You Should Finally Toss (By Mara Reinstein)

The Bond That Can't Be Broken (By Kathryn Streeter)

My Husband Killed Me Online (By Jane Bokun)

I Was Powerless Over Alcohol (By Suzanne Hayes)

I'm Nobody's Best Friend And I'm Fine With That (By Jodie Utter)

The Endearing Habit That Could Be The Key To A Happy Relationship (By Leslie Goldman)

My Beloved Dog's Last Good Day (By Laura Zinn Fromm)

When You Are Married .... Without Children (By Sacha Cohen)

Need A Friend? There's An App For That (By Danielle Manion)

How To Lose A Crazy Ex-Boyfriend (By Susan Shapiro)

I Had To Get My High School Crush Out Of My System. So I Did (By K. Smith)

How I Mastered The Art Of Silent Sex (By Ann Brenoff)

What To Expect When You're Expecting To Stay In Touch With Your Grown Children (By Melissa T. Shultz)

My Stepmother's Love: A Story Of Caring, Cooking And Misplaced Shame (By Jo Varnish)

7 Comfort Food Recipes From Childhood You Can Make Tonight (By Karen Wytmans)

The Celebrity Crush I Met In My 40s. He Turned Me Into A Giggling Schoolgirl (By Michelle Newman)

The Neck Creams That Could Change Your Life (By Lucia Paul)

The Compliment I No Longer Want To Hear (By Rachel Kramer Bussel)

Why I Feel Bolder In My 50s Than Ever Before (By Linda Wolff)

No Kidding! It Was The Worst Day Of My Life! (By Melina Bellows)

My 40-Year Malady (By Sandra Ebejer)

The Amazing Thing I Did To Mark My 50th Birthday (By Jessica Wolf)

Why Girls' Trips Will Make You A Better Mom (By Randi Mazzella)

Is 55 Too Young For A CPAP Machine? (By Michele Harris)

I Have Only One More Year And I'm Not Sure How I'll Ever Let You Go (By Christine Carter)

My Search For The Perfect Mascara (By Brahna Yassky)

What I Finally Convinced My Husband To Do (By Lisa Kanarek)

Can A Sexless Marriage Be Saved? (By Jennifer Rainey Marquez)

The Little Secret So Many Parents Share (By Candy Schulman)

The 7 Beauty Products Our Over-40 Girlfriends Can't Live Without (By Erin Leigh Peck)

Navigating The Parents' Facebook Group At Your Kid's University (By Joy Frank-Collins)

Why I'm No Longer Waiting For My Life To Calm Down (By Kristen Mae)

In Search Of Sloppy Chicken (By Jennifer Nelson)

3 Top Expert-Approved Collagen Creams For The Most Luminous Skin Ever (By Jill Waldbieser)

The Big Disservice We're Doing To Our Children (By Rebecca Treon)

A Die-Hard Feminist With A Daughter Who Loves Pink (By Jodi Lipson)

Can Women Survive Without A Best Friend? (By Jackie Gillard)

What It's Really Like To Live With Severe Sleep Apnea (By Alice Hurley)

Forget The 7-Year Itch. The 20-Something One Is Far Worse (By Iris Krasnow)

5 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Partner's Finances (By Cameron Huddleston)

How I Became Keeper Of The Pretty Things (By Tracy Schorn)

Dressbarn Was My Favorite Fashion Secret. But Then They Ruined A Good Thing (By Estelle Erasmus)

The Glimpse Of My Future That Made Me Cry (By Jaimie Seaton)

And one extra!!

The One Thing This Girlfriend Editor Knows To Be True (By Shelley Emling)